Tutorial video of Iris A-10A with TacPack

This combat malarkey in FSX is still causing a bitter divide between users – those who think it is absolutely essential to have armament on any aircraft that could have it in the real world, versus those who don’t want it anywhere near the purely civilian and proud of it Microsoft Flight Simulator series. Most people, in reality, probably couldn’t care less!

Those who see it as a ‘must have’, however, are still getting their appetites whetted by the news feed from Iris Simulations, who are currently running a paid “early adopter” open beta for VRS TacPack integration to their A-10A Warthog Driver package. The video above acts as a tutorial for the integrated systems and weapons, which once more it has been stressed will be a free addition for users who already have both the Iris A-10A and the VRS module.

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