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FSXstarter from Peter Rosendahl

Peter Rosendahl has announced the release of his FSXstarter freeware application. At its heart lies a switcher application that allows the user to define different

Take off tool for B772

This latest “Fly Pro Series” tool from the arsenal of Nikola Jovanovic allows users of simulated Boeing 777-200 aircraft to calculate the correct assumed temperature

FSFK Updated to version 3.50

Newly released today is the version 3.50 update to Aerosoft’s FS Flight Keeper package – which does more than the name implies, for those who

FSCommander Updated to 9.3

On his support forum here at simFlight, Volker Heine has announced the release of the 9.3 update to popular flight planning and moving map application

Sim Physics X version 1.1 released

FSPS have updated their Sim Physics X product to version 1.1, bringing a number of updates and fixes to the engine which adds simulations of

FS9 Pushback Utility released

Nikola Jovanovic has released his pushback utility for FS9, designed to bring a more realistic facility to airports that do not have packages such as

Position Games release FSXSuite

The latest release from Position Games for iDevices brings a number of useful utilities together in one package. FSXSuite includes not only a moving map,

Android fuel planner in development

Edvard Holst has been in contact with simFlight to promote his upcoming fuel planner for Android devices. Designed for use with any simulator, the tool

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