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Free Tool From DBS

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DBS Studio from Russia mentions they are offering a free tool to the simmers. For lack of a more catching name it is called ‘DBS Recent Aircraft tool for Flight Simulator 2004’. There! According to DBS it offers an “…. easy way to select recently used aircraft without tedious selection…


DBS Studio – Terrain Map FS2004

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“Terrain Map represents on monochromatic display a real terrain relief map before aircraft and can be used on “Bush Flying”, approach in hard weather conditions at mountain airports or any other similar conditions.”At


PocketFMS — v1.4.0

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PocketFMS has got an update v1.4.0. First, let’s remind this is a software suitable for Windows PCs, Winodws Mobile smartphones or cars navigation devices. It’s a moving map and flight planning help. Read this update featueres here, and more information at


Aivlasoft – Electronic Flight Bag Update

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There’s an update 1.1.0 for Electronic Flight Bag update. Those of you that haven’t known about this tool yet, it’s aimed to grab in one central place all pre-flight informations you need. What you should have as papers are now in the software, with required charts automatically shown according to…


Aviacoustic Sound Tool Released

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Aviacoustic by Andrzej Suwald is a ‘….. little piece of aviation and something from acoustic. It is a tool to design sound effects for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 / 2002 / 2004 / FSX. You can load existing FS-aircraft sound into the application and process it, design new sound effects…

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