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IndiaFoxtEcho – M-346 Master MSFS

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The talented IndiaFoxtEcho launched a new military jet for MSFS, the Aermacchi M-346 Master, available at simMarket. For each different livery included, nice looking sets of textures in high definition come to wrap the detailed model with PBR material effects. From the pilot’s seat, you can use the “realistic HUD,…


AzurPoly – TB-30 Epsilon MSFS

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Another excting aircraft package for MSFS is available at simMarket and designed by AzurPoly : their TB-30 Epsilon is a complete and accurate model of the military trainer mostly used in the French Army, but also in Portugal. It comes with custom hydraulics and electric systems, a custom electronic flight…


FS Academy – Jetliner MSFS

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FS Academy provides this full and step-by-step tutorial made of 30 flight missions to make of you a skilled pilot of the Airbus A320 in MSFS. With Jetliner, you will learn about realistic operations when you work for an airline. A ground school manual also included will give you the…


Airline2Sim Free “First-Looks” Taster IXEG 737 Training Videos

By 0 Airline2Sim have released a couple free narrowed down videos of the IXEG 737 where they take the newly released aircraft for a spin from Dublin to Manchester. Although it is in no way or form as in depth as their Q400 payware training (which was expected), it’s certainly got some great information…


Bill Stack’s weather video tutorial

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Bill Stack from Topskills has issued a Press Release, announcing the release of his latest FS video guide, covering the weather features of the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise. “Do you want to simulate flight in realistic environments? Do you want to precisely control the weather in your simulations? Have you…

Add-on or Expansion Pack

Wilco’s Tecnam now out

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Wilco Publishing have announced the release of their Tecnam P2006T; “The new generation light twin-engine aircraft” for FSX and P3D. Powered by the new Rotax 912S engine, the high-wing four place twin is described as ideal for training, with STOL and rough surface operating capability.


HD Training Video : Master the Majestic Q400

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Play the above video to watch the HD Training video trailer of Airline2Sim program to learn you tons of information about the Majestic Q400. As the airplane addon is an advanced and very realistic simulation, many simmers will appreciate to improve their knowledge to act better like real pilots do when…

Hardware & Cockpit

6MOUV Professional Trainer

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Based on X-Plane10, French manufacturers 6MOUV have a range of products available, many of which have previously been delivered as EASA qualified simulators for flight training. The PCT100A Professional Cockpit Trainer, now available via simMarket to EEC customers, is a single engine piston platform simulating the TB20 aircraft which can…


Angle Of Attack 777 Training

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Hard at work for the past months, way before the official release to the public of PMDG 777-200 LRX / -FX, the training videos of Angle of Attack (AoA) will be available soon. That’s what you can get confirmed on AoA main website. Their videos explain in great details the…

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