FS2Crew – Next UGCX update ?

UGCX will keep on getting better and better, since FS2Crew still wants to improve with new features and enhanced integration with airliner add-ons. Their next

FS2Crew – UGCX Short Final

The long development of Ultimate Ground Crew X should come to its end very shortly. FS2Crew is only waiting for the green light of their

FS2Crew – UGCX Preview

With the development nearing completion, FS2Crew shares now more informations and screenshots of Ultimate Ground Crew X. For example, you can see how the marshallers

FS2Crew – FSLabs Airbus Soon

FS2Crew announce that their edition for Flight Sim Labs Airbus will be ready for release in a few days. Both Button and Voice control versions will

FS2Crew – Ultimate Ground Crew X News

Bryan York thinks that Ultimate Ground Crew X developement reached its final stage. His last Facebook post gives positive information and shows the customizable follow-me truck.

FS2Crew – UGCX development news

FS2Crew explained the longer development time of UGCX due to the increased number of features. Anyway, they should start the beta test stage in about 2

FS2Crew for iFly 747-400 V2

Discover today how FS2Crew future Ultimate Ground Crew X (UGCX) look ! And of course, combined with the iFly 747-400 V2 is an announcement of another

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