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Hardware controller for X-Plane 9/10

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We’ve seen dedicated hardware controllers for other simulation platforms before, well now here’s one for Laminar research X-Plane 9 and 10, in the form of X-Simulations’ X-DirectControl USB universal control panel. Utilising an X-Plane plugin, all of the buttons and sliders on the unit are freely programmable to whatever task…


Saitek Pro Flight Cessna devices

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In partnership with Cessna, Saitek Pro Flight series includes three new devices : the yoke, rudder pedals and the trim wheel. Connect authentic parts of a Cessna to your home simulator with simple USB cables and sold at an affordable price.

Hardware & Cockpit

Simkits USB Gauge Kits Back

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Simkits from Holland report that “…… After an absence of more than a year, the kits are back. But not all kits, just the USB Aircraft Gauge Kits. We’ve received so many requests from customers to bring back these kits, since they are very easy to construct and even easier…