Simkits USB Gauge Kits Back

Simkits from Holland report that “…… After an absence of more than a year, the kits are back. But not all kits, just the USB Aircraft Gauge Kits. We’ve received so many requests from customers to bring back these kits, since they are very easy to construct and even easier to modify to a different gauge, that we’ve decided to bring back the USB Aircraft Gauge Kits. This means the Value Pack with 4 USB Aircraft Gauges is also back. To order the USB Aircraft Gauges or the Value Pack, click here….”.

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  1. Well, where it says ‘click here’ all along, of course…… *grin*

    Tnx Nick… getting old means you tend to forget all these trivial details….

  2. how long do you guys intend to be ‘getting old’ ? kind of a cheap excuse for anything.. 🙂

  3. Very true Miguel, I freely admit that I use it as an excuse for my day to day incompetence.

    Now back to the gauges. I have to say I’m quite impressed with the price and flexibility of these kits, has anyone owned one and care to comment?

  4. The new kits only cover their “generic aircraft” gauges (VSI, ASI, various engine gauges…), none of the more “interesting” gauges are available as kits. Also the €99 price quoted is without servos (+€27 ea)

    Spread over an entire Six-Pack (+ VOR1 & ADF), Flight Illusion still work out cheaper by €200 or so, and also use stepper motors rather than servos (better). The major downside to them is the seven+ week lead time, compared to SimKits who have everything ex stock.

    Either way, you are looking at 2 grand for a six-pack + VOR1 + ADF! The reintroduction of the kits is only going to save €80 or so on that…

    (and yes, I have a part built flight deck with 8 unfilled 80mm holes!)

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