Saitek Pro Flight Cessna devices

In partnership with Cessna, Saitek Pro Flight series includes three new devices : the yoke, rudder pedals and the trim wheel.

Connect authentic parts of a Cessna to your home simulator with simple USB cables and sold at an affordable price.

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  1. A Cessna authentic yoke or rudder below 200 EUR, when you have to pay 130 EUR for a CH Product yoke, or 150 EUR for a “standard” Saitek Pro Flight… so yes 50 EUR more for a Cessna set sounds affordable to me.
    Between 140-200 EUR you get the Saitek X-52/X-52 Pro, which is not a replica of a real life control.
    And multiplicate its price x3 to get a Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar, well, that is NOT affordable anymore.

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