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Virtavia – Short Stirling MSFS

If you’re looking for a high-quality aircraft add-on for MSFS that offers an authentic and immersive experience, then Virtavia’s Short Stirling for MSFS is your

Virtavia – P2V-7 Neptune P3D

New in stock, the P2V-7 Neptune is a P3D V5/V3 aircraft manufactured by the American company Lockheed and that served during the Cold War for

Virtavia – B-24 Liberator P3D

Loaded with a soundset from Turbine Sound Studios, this B-24 Liberator of Virtavia flies in P3D v4/v3, and you will seat in its functional virtual

Virtavia – B-1B Lancer P3DV4.5

Feel the power of American bombers and the thrill of missions during the Cold War. The weapons system of this B-1B Lancer by Virtavia requires

Virtavia – B-45 Tornado P3D

Engineered by North American, the first jet bomber is ready for take-off with the model provided by Virtavia. The B-45 Tornado is compatible with P3D

Virtavia – SH-3 Sea King P3D

The new pack of Virtavia installs a wide range of SH-3 Sea King variants for P3D : 10 models and 20 liveries in one product. Added to

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