[Video] Trailer 4K for A-4E Skyhawk MSFS of Virtavia

Experience the iconic Douglas A-4 Skyhawk in Microsoft Flight Simulator with this add-on by Virtavia. This comprehensive package includes nine unique Skyhawk models, ranging from the A-4A to the A-4G variants. Choose from multiple bomb/missile/tank loadouts and enjoy the high-quality Wwise sounds package that enhances the immersive experience.

The add-on features a functional APG-53A radar unit in Terrain Clearance mode, a high-quality 3D cockpit with super-smooth instruments, and realistic switch and knob ‘click’ sounds. With multiple liveries, including USN, USMC, USN ‘Adversary,’ and two Royal Australian Navy options, this add-on offers a wide range of possibilities for virtual pilots. Consult the illustrated 32-page user manual in PDF format to get the most out of your A-4 Skyhawk experience.

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