Carenado CT210M Centurion II HD for FSX review

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The Cessna 210 originates back to 1957 when it was first introduced. It was basically the four seater Cessna 182B but with retracteable landing gear, a swept tail and a new wing. As the model evolved over time there were 26 variantes produced up until the end of its manufacture by Cessna in 1985. [...]

Aerosoft – DA-20-100 Katana 4X Review

For a long time, the Katana 4X was the most anticipated product in the Aerosoft previews forum. It has been available for a couple of months now, and I’ve been flying it for just about the same time. About time I tell you what I think about it.

Aerosoft H36 Dimona X Review

Aerosoft is known to offer us virtual pilots a peculiar add-on once in a while. The Hoffman H36 Dimona is the continuation of this tradition. Being a motor glider, it has the long wings and sleek tail of a glider, but also has an engine in front, and the classic 2 seater, side-by-side, cockpit of [...]

Review: CARENADO – B58 BARON FSX (using AREZONE sound pack)

CARENADO – B58 BARON — The Noble or Rouge Review.

Quick Summary: This is the third FSX twin from the Carenado virtual air stables and like its predecessors it was immediately loved by simmers but found initially wanting, so much so, that Carenado issued a patch within days of its release! [...]

Flight1 – Dodosim 206 FSX Reviewed

Helicopters in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It has always been a thing of controversy. The first helicopter to appear in Microsoft Flight Simulator was the Bell 206 JetRanger, in FS98. Even though it’s been there for a couple of versions, the default JetRanger was never very realistic. Dodosim managed to change that. First [...]

Review – Carenado C340 II FSX HD series


Development of this aircraft began in 1969 with the first deliveries made in 1971. The main feature of the 340 was it’s pressurized fuselage. At the time it was the only six seat four passenger twin available from a major manufacturer with the exception of the Beechcraft Duke. Production on the aircraft ended in 1984 with a total of 1351 units built in the 13 year production period. [...]

A2A – WOP3 Spitfire + Accusim reviewed

Replacing the previous Wings of Power 2 version, the Wings of Power 3 Spitfire is the latest product available from A2A Simulations and was released together with the Accusim expansion pack for it. The WOP3 Spitfire gives you 3 types of early Spitfires: the MkIa, the MkIIa and MkIIb, in 4 different [...]


IcarusGold has released a WWII Fighter ie the ‘GRUMMAN DUCK, designed specifically for FSX, SP1, SP2, Acceleration or Gold. This is basically a single engined amphibious bi-plane or flying boat that was also capable of landing on conventional airfields with its main retractable gear and tail skid/wheel. ICARUSGOLD have given us 7 Models, the Grumman JF2-4-5=6, (19 historically accurate re-paints) and these may differ by the type of engine, size of float, weapons configuration, etc. This is a very good collection of a now defunct war bird, and sadly, there are very few left that still fly. But wait there’s more!! You also get an extra 4 WWII (unnamed) airfields which include >50 new FSX objects and they look very nice. [...]

Captain Sim B-52 Driver reviewed

Being one of only a few aircraft that served for its original operator for over 50 years, the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is a true icon of military aviation. The Captain Sim B-52 Driver is part of Captain Sim’s so called ‘Fun Line’ which features (quoting from the CS Website): CS visual quality, essential systems programming, shorter production time, low price and is easy to use (end of quote). Let’s see how fun it acutally is! [...]


This is a fantastic SUV-like aircraft from Orbx! With a low power to weight ratio this is one very fast (and safe) economical cross-country touring aircraft, described aptly by someone as the ‘Formula 1 of GA aircraft’. We might well have a successor to the fabulous Piper Meridian in ‘mini’ form! Orbx are more readily known for their very fine scenery and airport add-ons for FSX, but by applying the same principles, (ie using a dedicated talented team, hard work, and accepting nothing short of perfection) as they do to the FTX series they have produced yet another quality product. The plane is top notch in that it has incredible aesthetically pleasing detail, realistic flight dynamics, cabin, instruments and systems functionality plus a bonus of realistic sounds. It took the team two years to develop the plane and the resulting models clearly show that it was time well spent! Come on in and joust with the ‘Lancair’ developed by Lance Neibauer! [...]