Drzewiecki Polish Airports vol.1 V4 ready !

Get the version 4 of Polish Airports volume 1 at simMarket right now ! Bundled in a simple pack, EPKT Katowice-Pyrzowice, EPGD Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa, EPRZ Rzeszów and EPLB Lublin are highly detailed either for FSX/P3D or for FS2004.

Drzewiecki Design detailed the features of each airport scenery, and if you own the previous version […]

Justsim – LOWI Innsbruck for X-Plane

The latest Austrian airport by Justsim, Innsbruck LOWI FSX P3D, is currently the most popular scenery at simMarket.

X-Plane pilots have now also their chance to enjoy the beautiful landscape and airport details, with X-Life Traffic and World Traffic compatibility.

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FS2crew – 7 new Flight Officer voices set for Aerosoft Airbus

Renew your flight crew voices in the Aerosoft Airbus if you combine it with FS2Crew.

The new voice set has 7 new flight officers coming from North America, Germany, Italy, Asia.. and more regions of the world. This is an optional expansion to the FS2Crew Aerosoft Airbus Series Edition.

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Avia71 – Fournier RF-5B X-Plane 10

Back in the 1970’s, Fournier Aircraft was not looking for power, but for thin airframes and little engines.

In X-Plane 10, fly the RF5B Sperber (Sparrow) delivered in two versions canopy or opencockpit. Custom animations, sounds, HD textures and 8 liveries and 2 GPS complete the pack.

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Fernbus Coach Simulator is here !

Developed by TML Studios in partnership with Flixbus, an actual intercities coach transport company in Germany, Aerosoft publish now Fernbus Coach Simulator !

As virtual driver, you are in charge of your passengers, to check or to sell them tickets until they come on board. More than 40 German cities and 20.000 km of […]

Taburet – FSX P3D Night 3D Africa Base Pack

Night 3D collection stops over Africa, and installs 3D lights bulbs along the roads.

It’s compatible with other kind of sceneries according to Taburet, so you can also use detailed airports, photoreal sceneries..

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TacPack addon for Milviz F-4E Phantom II

That’s the perfect expansion you need to actually activate the weapons systems, radar, launch bombs and more with the Milviz F-4E Phantom II.

The aircraft is sold separately, and the other requirement is to get VRS Tackpack which is not included in this expansion from Milviz.

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JustSim Innsbruck Released

After their recent release of Nice Cote D’Azur, JustSim is back again with a new release this summer. This new release is available for ~21€ and boasts high-resolution ground textures amongst many other features. if you fancy having a go at the tricky approach then head on over to the

Fancy having a go […]

Just Trains – Western Mainlines

In this package, you get three connected routes at once, for Train Simulator 2016.

Just Trains modelled 60 stations along these routes between Paddington and Bristol, Bristol and Cardiff, and Bristol to Exeter. A total of 300 miles are now ready for you with 16 standard scenarios. Note that you may need the payware “European […]

FSXcenery – Columbia KCAE

Columbia Metropolitain Airport now makes part of the photoreal sceneries collection by FSXcenery.

KCAE airport is in South Carolina and its model received the usual features of these makers : Autogen buildings around the airport, and custom buildings and lights for the airport itself.

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