Toper Calculator 737 Classics

This easy to use tool will calculate V-Speeds for your Boeing 737–300/-400/-500 takeoff performance.

It takes in account the assumed temperature, the flaps position used 5° or 15°, and the accurate data of Boeing will allow you to get all the necessary data to fill them in your FMS takeoff page.

Coded by Nikola [...]

Imagine Sim – ZSPD Shangai Pudong FSX

Two months earlier, only FS2004 pilots could get ZSPD Shangai Pudong scenery, the international airport of the most populated Chinese city designed by Imagine Sim.

It’s now also available for FSX where you will find all custom buildings, realistic ground markings, and thousands of specific objects, ground vehicles. It will be AES compatible in its [...]

Special Easter Deals

simMarket shop has been running numerous Easter sales offers this week, and they are still available at this time.

Most of them are promoted in their last newsletter. Click here if you are not already subscribed or go directly to simMarket.

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Aerosoft Night Environment – Bristish Isles FSX

Covering the entire British Isles, Aerosoft Night Environment makes the cities, roads and highways lit at night time.

It adds many roads to FSX database that will be visible by night.

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HD Training Video : Master the Majestic Q400

Play the above video to watch the HD Training video trailer of Airline2Sim program to learn you tons of information about the Majestic Q400.

As the airplane addon is an advanced and very realistic simulation, many simmers will appreciate to improve their knowledge to act better like real pilots do when they fly a [...]

Belgrade X V2 in FSX / P3D v1/v2.2

Introduced as a small Serbian company on their own page at simMarket, SkyHighSim made a good demonstration of their airports sceneries design skills in the latest products release : Belgrade X V2.

First of all, note that you can purchase it and then use it either for FSX, P3D v1.4 or P3D v2.2. And in [...]

MegaScenery Earth Ultra Res City Charlotte

The growing collection of MegaScenery Earth Ultra Res City photoreal sceneries include now Charlotte.

The biggest city of North Carolina, USA, is now covered with high definition textures made of aerial views.

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JetStream Designs released Little Rock, Arkansas

The latest product of JetStream Designs has landed at simMarket : KLIT Bill and Hillary Clinton airport is the biggest in Arkansas, USA. Serving Little Rock city, it’s also the home of Dassault Falcon Service.

Customers of LFML Marseille Provence , their previous product, will quickly notice the new features introduced in this FSX [...]

Make your Saitek throttle quadrant look like a 737

Owners of the Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant device can make it look and feel like a 737 throttle unit.

Cockpitsim Parts UK sells exact replicas to change the default levers look to the real engines throttle levers, but the kit also includes a flaps lever, and a speedbrake lever, with fakes autopilot/autothrottle disconnect buttons. [...]

Wing Creation : RJSS Sendai in production

After Narita RJAA, Wing Creation will produce another Japanese airport for FSX and P3D : Sendai (RJSS).

Check out their preview pictures posted in their Facebook timeline here.

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