Prealsoft – Algiers Airport DAAG

Released ! Algiers DAAG is the first part of Prealsoft‘s project for the capital of Algeria. The whole Houari Boumediene Airport is modelled for FSX and P3D.

A free HD photomap can be downloaded separately for free, distributed with ESRI France special authorization.

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Latinwings – Santiago De Compostela LEST Scenery Renders

Before Madrid Barajas LEMD, Latinwings will release first Santiago De Compostela.

This airport (LEST) is located in the Northern West region of Spain, and the current 3D renders of the scenery look promising already.

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JustTrains – China Railways HXD3D Elec Loco + Chengyu Part 2 Route

Nice looking and complete pack for Train Simulator 2017, JustTrains present China Railways HXD3D, a powerful electric loco sold with passenger coaches and the second part of Chengyu route.

Learn more about all the rolling stock details and features on the product page here.

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MSK – Remake Jinnah Intl Karachi OPKC FSX

MSK Productions launch a second version of OPKC airport, Jinnah Intl at Karachi, Pakistan.

Exclusively sold for FSX, Jinnah airport has been remade from scratch with detailed runways and taxiways, and animated vehicles.

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Carenado – PA31T Cheyenne II HD Series FSX P3D

Including the latest Carenado technical features, the PA31T Cheyenne II innovates with new 3D pilots.

Out of that, you should be used to their dark and cold start options, the various external avionics compatibility, and the Carenado GNS530 directly installed by the pack.

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What’s New At simMarket ?

FSXCENERY – KBMI CENTRAL ILLINOIS REGIONAL AIRPORT FSX P3D : in the Northern US state, the 2 runways airport completes FSXcenery catalogue POSITION GAMES – FSXPRINT : If you own a 3D printer, you can get actual models printed out of FSX aircraft virtual hangar. Without 3D printer ? FSXprint lets your order online […]

Justsim – Luxembourg ELLX X-Plane 10/11

Luxembourg capital airport scenery by JustSim sees the X-Plane version now ready for purchase too, after the FSX/P3D release.

According to your version of X-Plane, 10 or 11, select the respective product and browse the beautiful screenshots.

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Zinertek – HD Virtual Cockpit For Level-D 767 FSX P3D

Not a remake based on the FS9 upgrade, the new pack Zinertek – HD Virtual Cockpit for Level-D 767 is made of brand new high definition textures, with both day and night sets for FSX P3D.

Zinertek even included new reflections effects for the glareshield, and the glass displays.

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Rlaborie – CL-215 FSX P3D

Firefighting from the air, the Canadair CL-215 is a very well known amphibious tanker plane. The FSX P3D model of Rlaborie will certainly please numerous virtual pilots.

How can you resist when you check that the “water gauges and the system of the water tanks filling are operational” ?

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Flight 1 – JSS Simulations Transall C-160 FSX FSXSE P3D

Don’t be afraid by the very large cargo load capacity of the Transall C-160.

The twin turbo prop by Flight 1 and JSS Simulations loads unique and numerous features of great value. Available for FSX, FSXSE and P3D at simMarket.

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