Real Earth X – Dolomiti X Agordo

The Dolomites region in Italy is like a playground for Real Earth X team established in the same country. Dolomiti X series is now completed by the new Agordo scenery depicting the valley, with the most part of the buildings modelled plus a very detailed mesh at 2,5m resolution.

This product designed for FSX […]

Hsimulators – Top of World V1 X-Plane

In Top of World V1 for X-Plane, Hsimulators brings back the Cold War age with a region that is missing in the default scenery.

The Northwest Greenland and Northeast part of Canada are now live in X-Plane, with 150.000 sq km of mesh plus the American Air Base of Thule.

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Imagine Sim – KCLT Charlotte in P3D

KCLT Charlotte is one of the 10 most important US airports, and it’s now available from Imagine Sim for P3D v2 at simMarket.

The detailed and realistic airport is compatible with AES, features interactive dock guidance system and of course many custom buildings and specific textures, up to hand placed and custom Autogen.

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New releases at simMarket

What’s new at the shop this week ?

a set of 6 bush airfields with specific weather themes and flights documentation in Ethiopia, or Indonesia, by Rolling Cumulus. a new TSS soundset for Airbus A320 with high fidelity audio recordings for the CFM56 engines, for FSX or FS2004. Raimundo Taburet’s FSX P3D Night 3D in […]

New Carenado aircraft in version 3 X-Plane

Among the 16 aircraft of Carenado‘s catalogue at simMarket available in their version 3 for X-Plane, 5 of them are new, freshly landed at the shop.

They make part of the HD Series so you can enjoy really detailed and neat textures from outside to inside. The B200 King Air, C90B King Air, C340, […]

Omaha city in HD by MegaScenery Earth

If Omaha city gave its name to one of beach of the Allies landings in France on 1944 June 6th, MegaScenery Earth depicts here the US city in Nebraska, not the French Normandy region at all.

In the Ultra-Res Cities collection, each product includes HD photoreal terrain of the city and its wide surroundings, plus […]

Multi Crew Experience for X-Plane

Enjoy MCE realistic crew simulation and interaction in X-Plane with Windows OS. This software already supports all the default aircraft plus a number of popular expansions (Flight Factor 757 Pro, Jar Design A320 Neo, FlyJSim B737-200, FlyJsim Q400, SSG Embraer E170 & E190.).

It will use speech recognition to react to your instructions, and […]

Drzewiecki Design – Polish Airports Vol.3 X-Plane

X-Plane pilots can also discover the bundle of 3 airports in Poland (EPPO Poznań, EPWR Wrocław and EPBY Bydgoszcz) produced by Drzewiecki Design.

The screenshots are enough demonstrative to confirm the high level of details and textures quality the customers can expect from the product. Exists for FSX/P3D and FS9.

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FS2Crew for PMDG 777 at simMarket

FS2Crew PMDG 777 Edition can now be purchased at simMarket in two versions : the standard one includes both Voice Control and Button Control methods in one product for FSX. Or you can order the FS2Crew PMDG 777 Captain’s Set that adds RAAS Pro in the package.

In all cases, your 777 experience will […]

Dazzle Colour Game – Tibet Lhasa

Maybe this new scenery of Lhasa in Tibet will be your first opportunity to get a product of Dazzle Colour Game. Their Chinese airports use great quality custom textures, are modeled with plenty of details, and they invite us to exotic destinations out of the famous and common international hubs we have already visited […]