Aerosoft/KDM – Pisa X – Official Video

Release is not far away and for now here’s the Official video for Pisa X created by KDM and soon for sale at Aerosoft and Simmarket.

Edit : now available from the shop.

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New Chinese High Speed Trains

The CRH380A (newest generation) and the CRH2A EMU are two Chinese high speed trains recently launched through simMarket download shop.

Including the full modern cabins and passengers coaches with 3d interior, you will enjoy them for hours with the featured scenarios for Train Simulator 2017. Chengdu to Suining high speed route in the Southwest of […]

UK2000 – Manchester Xtreme V2

simMarket has now Manchester Xtreme V2 in stock, incoming from UK2000 Scenery. EGCC airport can be installed to P3D, FSX and FS2004 too.

Gary Summons team brings major updates : the ground image, the 3D models and textures have been updated. The new car park got added and the airport layout is accurate to the […]

Aerosoft – Manchester X is ready

The amount of details and 3D objects in Manchester X is pretty high announced Aerosoft, and you will be free to set the visual quality level with the included scenery manager.

Static cars, people and ground vehicles populate the airport apron and overflying or approaching the airport will be a different experience according to […]

JustSim – LFMN Nice V2 X-Plane 10/11

New and important features are included in JustSim LFMN Nice V2 for X-Plane. Beside X-Plane 11 compatibility, the designers added autogates and reflections effects on all windows and glass surfaces.

The beautiful airport with its singular misaligned ILS on runway 04R comes in its new version after a 5 EUR fee upgrade at simMarket.

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Fly the unmanned vehicle UV-4 V/STOL designed by AeroG LLG for FSX and P3D either from the exterior view or the or the virtual flight camera.

Visit the product page and watch the demo video too.

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PaintSim – DHL HD Livery for Simcheck Airbus A300B4-200 FSX

In order to use a reworked DHL livery in high definition with bumps effects and more realism, make yours the repaint designed by PaintSim for the Airbus A300BA of Simcheck.

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Milviz – T-50 Bobcat FSX P3D

The 1930s generation pilots would have been stunned by the restoration made possible by Milviz on our home PCs of the T-50 Bobcat.

Not only the model and the cockpit are accurately reproduced, but you can also imagine a modern avionics equipment fitted in your good old Bobcat with Flight1 GTN, or Reality XP […]

RDS – UUML Severka Airifield FSX P3D

As a first product from Russian Digital Simulations at simMarket, the scenery quality displayed is pretty high, and the technical features quite long !

For their launch, they chose to model UUML Severka Airifield, a little airport close to Moscow and Domodedovo airport. It comes with its custom ground polygon, a wide handcrafted terrain, and […]

vFlyteAir – Piper Cherokee 140 Glass Panel X-Plane

The avionics gauges included in the new Piper Cherokee 140 Glass Panel of vFlyteAir is pretty complete with PFD, Autopilot, GNS 530/430 and more, with custom features.

A special upgrade price is granted to owners of the previous version and to registered customers of the Original Version.

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