Virtavia – Avro Lincoln

The new FSX aircraft package of Virtavia models the Avro Lincoln bomber, with a complete and functional 3D virtual cockpit, custom soundset, animations..

Of course, you will get it painted in the RAF livery of the Second World War when the Lincoln enters in service with the Bomber Command. Other liveries are also included, like [...]

Drzewiecki Design : Halloween offer 30% OFF

Until November 3rd, all Drzewiecki Design offer a 30% discount on all their products : UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo, New York City X, New York Airports, Miami City 2012..

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Aerosoft Night Environment X Finland

Night Environment X for FSX and P3D is developed by Chris Bell and published by Aerosoft. They use database that contain many more roads than the default scenery of these flight simulators.

Numerous lights with new custom effects are added to make the nocturnal look much more realistic. The new title of this collection covers [...]

MegaScenery Earth Ultra-res City San Francisco

The stunning scenery of San Francisco city and bay exists now for FSX as a High Definition photoreal product for FSX.

MegaScenery Earth Ultra-res City San Francisco is for sale at simMarket.

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Synchro-Soft – Cessna 207 HD soundset

Synchro-Soft released their 44th soundset product, made for the Cessna 207 in FSX.

Maybe your good old Cessna has never sounded that good, unless you fly it in real life.

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Taburet – FSX Night 3D for Maine, New Hamphire, Rhode Island..

Raimundo Taburet completes the enlarging collection of FSX Night 3D sceneries for FSX, again in USA this time.

Maine, New Hamphire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachussets, and Connecticut is the exhaustive list of full covered states with new night effects, for all their roads.

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Dazzle Colour Game – Beijing Nanyuan ZBNY

The new Chinese company Dazzle Colour Game developed Beijing Nanyuan ZBNY scenery for FSX.

The first airport in China, is now only operated by the army and China United Airlines.

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Just Planes – B757-200 Icelandair Bluray

10 years after their first video of Icelandair operations, Just Planes publishes now a new video in HD, shipping on a Bluray disc.

Icelandair crew members will fly with you onboard the 757-200 from Keflavik to New York, Frankfurt and Anchorage.

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FranceVFR – Obstacles and VFR Landmarks FSX/P3D

No less than 500’000 custom landmarks items come to populate all France in FSX and P3D.

Plants, bridges, custom buildings, antennas, power lines, FranceVFR adds a wide variety of scenery objects to make more pleasant the VFR flights in general, but also any kind of flight at low altitude.

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Taburet – FSX Night 3D for New York, Washington DC…

The custom nocturnal night effects of Taburet are now spread over various Northern East US states.

In one single product, all the terrain of the following states receive blooming and 3D effects in FSX : New York, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey.

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