FS2Crew – NGX Reboot, Status Update

FS2Crew posted on their page that they were hoping on a release by the end of the month although there were a few outstanding bugs which is delaying the release. They are working hard to fix it and they also said Emergency NGX functionality will be included in SP1 for free as they decided […]

Majestic – Dash 8 Update Preview

Majestic Software have posted a few previews on their page about some upcoming previews in their next updates/upgrade releases. They’re pretty much self explanatory so take a look and head over to their page.

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Megascenery Earth – Ultra Res Rocky Mountains


Megascenery Ultra-Res Rocky Mountains, 24,000 square miles, 44GB and all at 50cm/pixel. Included is also a complete set of charts for Colorado in a PDF format. If you own Megascenery Earth Colorado then you can still use both and all you need to do is place Ultra-Res Rocky mountains above Colorado’s main. Anyone […]

Taburet – Night 3D Saskatchewan & Manitoba

Taburet Night 3D, Lots of areas covered and today another has been added to the list. Saskatchewan and Manitoba are within Canada and both cover quite a vast area. For more information head to their simMarket page.

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Carenado – Phenom 300 Previews

The guys over at Carenado have released some more Phenom 300 shots! This time includes, what it seems like, fully completed exterior and interior which looks close to finishing. Although no displays are lit up yet and they are still working on that. Shouldn’t be hard because they wont have to develop it from […]

LatinVFR – New Project Announcements

Over on LatinVFR’s official preview subforum they announced a project road map with their planned products for Summer & 2015 in general. The main and first thing mentioned on their agenda is that they are working on on making a Key West v2 for FSX/P3D v2. Included in that will be an overhauled version […]

Accusim – Update

A while back Accusim was upgraded for the whole fleet just after the Comanche release. The guys over at A2A recently updated it again with Comanche fixes, along with some fixes for the C172. If you own either and still haven’t updated from the 19th’s update then head to their site and take a […]

Wing Creations – Niigata, Lots of Previews


Yesterday we showed you a dusk preview. I honestly didn’t expect many more this week nevermind today. Well they have released a whole collection of previews including some night shots which only means its getting closer! Take a look at the images below and take a look at their page.

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FSFX Packages – Airbus Family Immersion

FSFX Packages announced in their latest press release that some of their effects didn’t meet their high expectations when it comes to quality. That leads them back to the drawing board to fine-tune the effects that needs work. They also mentioned that it’ll happen soon but the departure has been delayed for a little […]

Wing Creations – Niigata Preview

Another preview of Wing Creations Niigata have surfaced showing another view of the terminal. It looks absolutely amazing and its fair to say they’ll most likely nail this release alike their previous releases. Stay Tuned for more previews.

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