MegaScenery Earth Ultra Res City Charlotte

The growing collection of MegaScenery Earth Ultra Res City photoreal sceneries include now Charlotte.

The biggest city of North Carolina, USA, is now covered with high definition textures made of aerial views.

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JetStream Designs released Little Rock, Arkansas

The latest product of JetStream Designs has landed at simMarket : KLIT Bill and Hillary Clinton airport is the biggest in Arkansas, USA. Serving Little Rock city, it’s also the home of Dassault Falcon Service.

Customers of LFML Marseille Provence , their previous product, will quickly notice the new features introduced in this FSX [...]

Make your Saitek throttle quadrant look like a 737

Owners of the Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant device can make it look and feel like a 737 throttle unit.

Cockpitsim Parts UK sells exact replicas to change the default levers look to the real engines throttle levers, but the kit also includes a flaps lever, and a speedbrake lever, with fakes autopilot/autothrottle disconnect buttons. [...]

Wing Creation : RJSS Sendai in production

After Narita RJAA, Wing Creation will produce another Japanese airport for FSX and P3D : Sendai (RJSS).

Check out their preview pictures posted in their Facebook timeline here.

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Just Planes SATA Blu-Ray A310 A320 Q400

More than the kind of views and the airline, I think that the aircraft types and the destinations are the most relevant infos for any customer of a real aviation Blu-Ray video.

In this one, you’ll fly onboard Airbus A310 and A320 liners but also the Dash 8 Q400 between Portugal and Boston (USA) [...]

IL2 expansion : Battle of Greece II 1941

The Spanish publisher WWII Expansions Simulators brings a new addon to IL2 Sturmovik. In lack of flight action in historic missions of the Second World War ?

Perfect, here you get even six campaigns, including 447 new missions and 26 new skins for aircraft. Choose your side : either the Royal Air Force or the [...]

DBS Studio Follow Me Service P3D v1/v2

Lost in the airport after landing ? Or maybe you need a guide to find your way to the runway threshold before take off ?

DBS Studios have a solution, in FSX, and FS2004, and now also in P3D v1/v2 : it’s the Follow Me Service car that you can request from a menu directly [...]


Istanbul Atatürk Airport, ICAO: LTBA is the main international airport serving Istanbul, Turkey and also the busiest airport in Turkey by total number of passengers. It was originally opened in 1924 and is located in Yesilköy which is on the European side of the city 24 km west of the city’s centre. [...]

Navigraph updates for TOPCAT

Official since today, Navigraph updates are now also available for TOPCAT database. Before FlightSimSoft grants us with their popular flight planner and preflight dispatcher tool PFPX, their solution for take-off performance calculation and weight / balance management already made the Christian Grill famous in FS community.

TOPCAT database has runways lengths, obstacles in their [...]

simMarket newsletter

Subscribers of simMarket newsletter are sure not to miss any offer and to be informed of the best products recently made available at the shop. This week the last newsletter reported the current Deal of The Day : 40% off the regular price of MilViz C310R, Ladies in Pink Blu-Ray of Just Planes, 25% [...]