Preview updates – Beijing and Graz

The asian team of A_A Sceneries grants their Facebook visitors with another bunch of views from ZBAA Beijing (FSX at least). Who wants to see this tower from his virtual cockpit ?

On the same social network, FSDG published 5 screens of a new Austrian airport they are developing : LOWG Graz (FSX/P3D), that […]

FSPS – Multicore Next FSX

The new generation of Multicore Next FSX by FSPS can now manage your apps, the hyper-threading CPU feature, affect tasks, and drain all your multicore CPU power, in Windows 10 and Windows 8 too.

Users of the old versions Multicore Environment, and Multicore Environment Advanced are entitled for a free upgrade.

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Megascenery Earth – Connecticut 4X Released

Megascenery have announced the release of their latest photo real package, Connecticut. Their new 4X technology displays at 50 cm per pixel – 4 times the resolution of the previous version 2.0, and is available on simMarket. They also offer a special upgrade price for previous customers of their old Connecticut package, entitling you to […]

RFscenerybuildings show LIRQ Florence preview

With their 3 new pictures of LIRQ Florence Peretola, RFscenerybuilding reveal their progress evaluated at 70%.

Nevertheless, they would need more info in the helicopters area of this airport. Check also their current products already available among which of them LIPX Verona is on sale with 20% off.

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SDG – Cairo Airport V2 HECA

Sim Design Group allows the customers of Cairo airport version 1 to upgrade to version 2 for free.

In the version 2 made for both P3D and FSX, animated jetways, traffic on the roads, are just some of the features included in the new product found at simMarket.

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Babich Igor – Kharkiv UKHH fs2004

The Ukrainian airport of Kharkiv UKHH only for FS2004 arrived at simMarket. Its author Babich Igor precised on his website that his project is to adapt this new scenery to other platforms like FSX and P3D.

But as of now, their actual product has been updated to model the airport according to its state in […]

FranceVFR – Paris Île-de-France VFR FSX/P3D

The extensive addon of Paris region from FranceVFR is made of high density and typical Autogen buildings, with custom vegetation. The package also includes the ground textures at 0,5m per pixel made of aerial photos, and the high definition mesh.

Perfect for VFR flights in Paris Ile-de-France, the French developers also added custom buildings and […]

Blue Sky Star – Airbus A320/321 CFM56

Specially developed for the Airbus A320 family with CFM56 engines by Aerosoft, and for FSX only, this is a soundset produced by Blue Sky Star.

Recorded from real aircraft, their sounds include fans and compressor specific audio effects.

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FSSimVFR – New Releases on simMarket

On the simMarket store, FSSimVFR have released two new versions of their photo-mesh based products for North and South of Catalonia, Spain. Each package includes thousands of kilometers of photo mesh and is made with a 1m/pixel LOD15 resolution, with both of them weighing in at over 8GB each.

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MilViz – F-86 Sabre now also in Tacpack Edition

Specially made for use with Vertical Reality Software Tackpack (not included), this special edition of the North American F-86 Sabre for FSX and P3D takes advantage of the special effects and actions allowed by the third party software.

The guns, rockets and bombs can be fired or dropped in your simulator. If you don’t […]