Just Trains – Western Mainlines Oxford to Bicester Extension

Explore the newest line of the UK railroad network opened in October 2015 between Oxford and Bicester.

In this Western Mainlines pack, 3 stations and 14 scenarios are included.

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FSXPAI Airbus A330-200/-200F/-300 for AI Traffic

For sale at simMarket, the Airbus A330 series of FSPAI are exclusively designed for use as AI aircraft for the traffic in FSX and P3D.

It’s not a flyable model, and you must be used with the AI traffic building hobby.

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NGX Cockpit Sound Immersion FSX P3D

There are hundreds of cockpit sounds in the NGX Sound Immersion pack for PMDG 737. Immersive Audio brings realistic and high fidelity audio for each lever, switch, trim wheels or even the CDU buttons actions.

Watch the video and hear the difference.

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simMarket Newsletter Special Africa

The free newsletter of simMarket keeps you informed about the new releases, current sales offers, and introduces also selections of the best products.

This week, the subscribers received a newsletter on the special African thematic.

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ItalySim Design – Lamezia Terme 2016 P3DV3

Exclusively designed for Prepar3D v3, ItalySim Design launch Lamezia Terme 2016. LICA airport is just in front of the Tyrrhenian Sea, in Calabria.

New brand on the market, ItalySim brings all the nice features you can expect from a realistic and detailed airport : custom and high resolution terrain with specific markings and apron textures, […]

Feelthere – Tower! 3D at simMarket

The new ATC simulation software from Feelthere is ready at simMarket : Tower! 3D makes you manage the ground, departing and arriving traffic in three airports. More will come as addons.

The AI aircraft will follow your instructions, including detailed ground movements from their assigned parking to the departing runway. Dynamic lights, shadows and animated […]

FlightControlReplay Professional Edition V3 FSX P3D

FlightControlReplay Professional is a useful tool for Youtubers and other fans of flight simulation recording. Its new features will be particularly appreciated.

The framerate during the record is customizable, you can control the start of the record via a custom User Altitude trigger, the voice command recognition feature allows you to speech command the Flight […]

Aerosoft / LatinWings – Spanish Airfields Garray X

Look for Garray airport in Spain, it’s near Soria city, between Madrid and Bilbao. Now search LEVG in FSX or P3D and you may find Garray X, the new detailed scenery by LatinWings and Aerosoft !

I doubt you can be confunded with the default scenery : the surroundings are very detailed with a high […]

TopSkills – Jet Simming Video Tutorial

The full video that you can purchase at simMarket lasts almost 17 minutes to introduce you how to simulate the largest and most powerful aircraft based on real world sources.

Improve your flight knowledge to plan correctly your flight, to respect airspeed restrictions, to use thrust reversers and flight surfaces, to operate your airplane […]

TSS – Bae-146 HD Pilot Edition FSX/FS2004

“As heard from the cockpit”, that’s what Turbine Sound Studios means by the “Pilot Edition” mentioned in the product title.

They recorded an actual Bae-146 aircraft in High Definition audio to bring these soundsets according to your flight simulator : FSX or FS2004. No P3D version, sorry.

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