Aerosoft Ibiza X Evolution Announced

Aerosoft have announced their “Ibiza X Evolution” is coming to our sims soon. It shall be a paid upgrade to the previous Ibiza although all owners will get a discounted upgrade as always. What’s even better is the fact that it is coming THIS SUMMER! As long as nothing pops up of course… Take […]

Wilco 737PIC Evolution in a Box

The Wilco/FeelThere/Aeroplane Heaven “737PIC Evolution” product is now available from simMarket as a Deluxe boxed product – although according to the product information, the boxed version does still require the same internet activation as its download.

Although there are a veritable plethora of Boeing 737 add-ons out there, […]

Wilco 737 Evolution Update… Update.

As it appears there was some confusion regarding the recent release of the Version 1.2 update of Wilco’s 737PIC Evolution product, we asked the question of the publisher as to whether this was an entirely new program, a patch or a new purchase, as some people thought.

The answer to the query is that version […]

FSCockpit MCDU Integration with Wilco Airbus

Users of FSCockpit’s Airbus panels who wish to integrate them with the systems, flight and visual models of Wilco Publishing’s Airbus series will want to take a look at the latest releases from Fabio Merlo for FSX here and FS9 here.

At present only covering the MCDU, but with support for the ECAM and Mini […]

Wilco 737PIC Evolution Released

Wilco Publishing have announced the release of their 737PIC Evolution follow on to their popular 737PIC product originally released for MS FS9 and ported to FSX.

Now developed purely for the newer FSX platform, 737PIC Evolution comes in two versions, Standard and Deluxe, with both packages containing FSX native models of the B737 “Classic” range […]

Wilco 737 PIC EVOLUTION Announced

Via SimWare Simulations, Wilco Publishing have this morning announced that their popular 737 Classic package “737 Pilot in Command” is getting the EVOLUTION treatment, with a number of upgrades being added.

Highlights of the package include: * 3D interactive virtual cockpit * Multiple 2D control panels * Numerous aircraft variants, with and without winglets * […]

Airbus Evolution Volume 1 and 2

The Evolution pack of Airbus includes new features developed by Eric Marciano, FeelThere and Reality XP.

In volume 1 are the A320 family aircraft, and the A330/A340 are in the volume 2.

Airbus Series Evolution

This Evolution pack has new features included by Eric Marciano, FeelThere and Reality-XP like a weather radar, HUD, SID/STAR management, and better simulated systems and displays informations.

It’s now available for download, read the further official announcement.


The Evolution

A fellow blogger has taken the time to give a great MS FS 98 through MS Flight comparison. Read Full Story »

New Version of Active Sky

Damian Clark of HiFi Sim sent us the following press release: “…… Active Sky Evolution has been released! This next installment in the Active Sky series brings further refinement and accuracy in weather synthesis and depiction, improved smoothing, increased high-fidelity aircraft compatibility, a new graphical look and many other behind-the-scenes improvements to further […]