FSimStudios – Calgary Intl Airport CYYC FSX P3D

It’s not their first entry in Northern American territory, the latest FSimStudios product depicts another Canadian airport : Calgary Alberta CYYC for FSX and P3D.

With summer and winter textures, the airport realism is also enhanced with the use of animated jetways and static planes.


Aerosoft – Berlin-Tegel XP 10/11

Explore the photoreal scenery of Berlin-Tegel EDDT in X-Plane 10 or 11.

Aerosoft raised the quality with advanced features that include animations, night effects and tiny details on the buildings roofs.

Aeroplane Heaven – Hawker Typhoon

The community following Aeroplane Heaven will certainly grow again with more fans, now that they have released the Hawker Typhoon MK1B.

Advanced simmers will be pleased by the custom coded animations, the accurate soundset and the optional dark and cold startup procedure.

JustSim – Hamburg EDDH X-Plane

Only a few days after its release for FSX and P3D platforms, JustSim launch the counterpart for X-Plane of Hamburg EDDH.

The advanced scenery takes advantage of X-Plane 11 features like the dynamic ground vehicles and the runway reflection.


HSimulators – Thule Air Base + Greenland Mesh X-Plane 10/11

Thule Air Base and the Greenland mesh are two sceneries bundled in a single product for X-Plane 10 or 11. Owners of the mesh V1 can purchase it at a reduced price.

The marvellous landscapes of Greenland get populated with important buildings, radars and stations.


FlightBeam Studios – KMSP HD Preview

Thanks to the latest screens uploaded by FlightBeam Studios about their upcoming KMSP HD scenery, you have a development status report visible in their forum here.

Or you can visit their Facebook page for a quick access to the screenshots.

A1R Design Bureau – Yak-55M FSX P3D

Already author of general aviation aircraft for FSX and P3D, A1R Design Bureau produced another Yakovlev for FSX and P3D in the same package.

The Yak-55M is a Russian aerobatic airplane with a sliding canopy that started to fly in the early 1980’s. Learn more and fly it via simMarket.


FranceVFR – Languedoc-Roussillon VFR 3D Automation FSX P3D

To achieve a complete VFR environment in the South of France along the Mediterranean sea front, FranceVFR team works on very high de finition textures from 0.8 to 1.20 meter per pixel laid on a custom mesh.

The dense and custom Autogen is also reinforced by 3D landmarks. Visit the region of Languedoc-Roussillon with 3D […]

QualityWings – 787 Development Update

After three years and a half of development, the 787 Dreamliner of QualityWings has been in Beta since past December.

Their latest development update explains they are still polishing numerous systems like the FMS, its connection with the Electronic Flight Bag, the cockpit sounds … And the next time we have an update from the […]

JustTrains – Class 222 Advanced

This Class 222 Advanced is part of the most realistic trains in JustTrains collection, thanks to the ActivScript features for realistic controls, systems and sounds.

The British publisher adds 10 scenarios in the package, but they will need payware routes sold separately.