UK2000 – Manchester Xtreme V2

simMarket has now Manchester Xtreme V2 in stock, incoming from UK2000 Scenery. EGCC airport can be installed to P3D, FSX and FS2004 too.

Gary Summons team brings major updates : the ground image, the 3D models and textures have been updated. The new car park got added and the airport layout is accurate to the […]

Taxi2Gate – Paris CDG Terminal 1 preview

Taxi2Gate designers must be busy finishing the huge Paris CDG airport scenery at the time I’m writing as they have announced the imminent release of their new product for FSX and P3D.

Last news reported they found bugs in the Beta version, so this explains why it’s not available yet at simMarket.


FSDT – Charlotte Douglas Intl preview by night

FSdreamteam is currently working on the night textures and night lighting effects at Charlotte Douglas Intl (KCLT), the main airport of North Carolina, US.

You can already study the airport diagram, departure and arrival procedures from Airnav until its release.

Aerosoft – Manchester X is ready

The amount of details and 3D objects in Manchester X is pretty high announced Aerosoft, and you will be free to set the visual quality level with the included scenery manager.

Static cars, people and ground vehicles populate the airport apron and overflying or approaching the airport will be a different experience according to […]

JustSim – LFMN Nice V2 X-Plane 10/11

New and important features are included in JustSim LFMN Nice V2 for X-Plane. Beside X-Plane 11 compatibility, the designers added autogates and reflections effects on all windows and glass surfaces.

The beautiful airport with its singular misaligned ILS on runway 04R comes in its new version after a 5 EUR fee upgrade at simMarket.


LHSimulations – New Project Pic

If you already recognized this airport, you should be a tourist guide in Croatia. This is where LHSimulations will lead their customers to, at Rijeka airport, LDRI.

One of their previous product, Budapest Liszt Ferenc LHBP, makes part of the top quality sceneries ever made for FSX/P3D.


Flight 1 – 4 New XpressSim Sceneries

Sold at very low prices under 6 USD each, Flight 1 and Scenery Solutions add 4 new sceneries to the XPressSim collection with 2 products in French Corsica island including Ajaccio and Propriano airports and cities.

The last two products are made for Patras region : the airport in one hand and in the other […]

LatinVFR – Barcelona El Prat project update

A month after the past preview, LatinVFR will receive again a lot of visits of their updated preview album where simmers can see the progress on Barcelona El Prat LEBL scenery.

The experienced team is using all the knowledge and design techniques that they manage since the past products : Miami v3, San Diego or […]

Aerosoft – Manchester X soon

In the hands of Innovative Development Studios, Manchester X scenery project is receiving the last touch before release.

More than the above video, there are also screenshots visible in the Aerosoft previews forum, including the scenery manager to tune season settings and amount of details you want to get activated.


Fly the unmanned vehicle UV-4 V/STOL designed by AeroG LLG for FSX and P3D either from the exterior view or the or the virtual flight camera.

Visit the product page and watch the demo video too.