IndiaFoxtEcho – F-35 Lightning II, F-14 Tomcat & T-45C Goshawk MSFS Updated

IndiaFoxtEcho has released updates for three aircraft models: the F-35 Lightning II, F-14 Tomcat, and T-45C Goshawk for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The highlight of the F-35 update is the introduction of a new sound package by Echo19 along with various small improvements, including a draft implementation of the Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) system. Further enhancements are planned for the F-35 this month, particularly focusing on avionics and systems simulation. Additionally, work has resumed on the Queen Elizabeth and Cavour ships, with plans to differentiate their offerings and potentially expand the Cavour package into a small “Italian Navy package.”

The F-14 Tomcat update, labeled version 1.1.5, addresses minor graphical glitches and improves afterburner effects. It also introduces additions to the Jester menu, allowing players to enable or disable various realism options individually, such as engine stalls, flat spins, and inverted flight limitations. Meanwhile, the T-45C Goshawk received a minor update to rectify unintended throttle response issues caused by a previous update, ensuring smoother operation, especially during carrier operations. Despite these updates, the team remains committed to upcoming major updates for the Tornado and F-35, acknowledging the time required for their completion while striving to expedite the process.

In addition to specific aircraft updates, the company mentions plans for future projects, indicating a desire to clear backlogs and focus on new endeavors. While acknowledging the quality of existing offerings like the Queen Elizabeth by Miltech Simulations, they aim to differentiate their products through unique features and expansions, as evidenced by their plans for the Cavour. This dedication to both refining current models and exploring new avenues reflects a commitment to delivering high-quality content and enhancing the overall flight simulation experience for users.

F-35 Lightning II MSFS – Changelog Version 1.3.3

  • – Fixed bug causing time indication on the control bar to show 24 instead of 00
  • – Removed duplicate entries in autopilot configuration
  • – Slight modification to effects of crosswind on flight dynamics
  • – Added HMD Boresight and GCAS preferences to permanent variables
  • – Reworked afterburner effects
  • – AoA bracket now adapts to the model (A, B or C)
  • – Additional key bindings are now disabled by default and can be enabled with an option in the MENU screen
  • – Fixed multiple minor glitches on PCD FUEL interaction
  • – Major restyle of HMD boresight and off-boresight graphics
  • – Tweaks to FBW PID coefficients
  • – ILS signal can now be received ONLY if the nose gear doors are open


  • – Fixed FPV and ghost VV graphics
  • – Added proper CDM symbol
  • – Reworked off-boresight symbology
  • – Reworked waterline graphics


  • – FAB: added engine anti-ice captions
  • – FAB: reworked landing gear symbology
  • – ENG page and FAB: FF indication changed to ppm instead of pph
  • – EFI page: fixed waterline position
  • – FCS page: added NOSE DOOR functionality on FCS page
  • – HUD page: reworked graphics for better match with HMD
  • – HUD page: fixed FPV and ghost VV symbology, added CDM
  • – HUD page: fixed minor bug in clock indication
  • – HUD page: fixed waterline graphics and behavior
  • – TWD page: added draft RWR track implementation
  • – TWD page: optimized code and revised symbology


  • – New sound package by Echo19


  • – Added VMFA-311 lo-viz livery
  • – Minor tweaks to VMFA-311 hi-viz livery
  • – Added RAAF 75 Squadron livery
  • – Minor tweaks to all Australian liveries

F-14 Tomcat MSFS – Changelog Version 1.1.5

  • – Recompiled 3D model to fix potential regression on F-14A engine texture assignment
  • – Minor modification to flat spin code

T-45C Goshawk MSFS – Changelog Version 1.1.4

  • Minor tweaks to engine response and temperatures
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