Just Flight – 146 Professional MSFS New Update v2.1

The latest update for the Just Flight 146 Professional for MSFS, version 0.2.1, brings several significant improvements and fixes. Notable enhancements include the addition of progressive refueling functionality to the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), now compatible with GSX, along with improved nose wheel steering accuracy and smoothness. Pilots will appreciate the new manual speed flipchart option, allowing for greater control over speed adjustments using left and right arrows. Additionally, general performance optimization and numerous fixes to the EFB, UNS-1 FMS, autopilot, and various visual and functional aspects contribute to a smoother and more immersive flying experience.

The update addresses specific issues reported by users, such as incorrect cargo quantities and passenger numbers when importing from SimBrief, and warning indicators for exceeding maximum Zero Fuel Weight (ZFW). It also resolves bugs related to the UNS-1 FMS, including anomalies during holding patterns and freezing when entering arrival procedures at certain airports. Visual improvements, such as fixing cabin window seal problems and missing components like the tail skid and air stairs handrail, enhance the aircraft’s fidelity and realism.

Furthermore, this update includes refinements for Xbox controller compatibility, improvements in cockpit texture reflectivity, and adjustments to radio displays to prevent clipping. It also ensures that various features, such as cabin announcements and crew sounds, are correctly disabled when flying cargo variants. Updates to the operations manual, EFB manual, and UNS-1 manual accompany the software improvements, providing users with comprehensive documentation for utilizing the aircraft’s features effectively.

Changelog v0.2.1

  • – Progressive refuelling functionality added to EFB aircraft page, compatible with GSX
  • – Nose wheel steering accuracy and smoothness improved
  • – Manual speed flipchart option added – with the FLIPCHART WT SYNC option disabled, you can now use left and right arrows to change the speed flipchart weight
  • – General performance optimisation
  • – Numerous EFB fixes and improvements, including the ability to draw on the Navigraph charts
  • – SimBrief import payload option now syncs the correct passenger number, cargo quantity and ZFW (new SimBrief profiles for each 146 variant are provided)
  • – Red warning added to EFB aircraft page when maximum ZFW has been exceeded
  • – Yoke checklist turns white when placing cursor over yoke clip clickspot (using LOCK interaction mode) – fixed
  • – TMS modes can no longer be reselected following a TMS fault/failure
  • – UNS-1 FMS bug fixes and improvements, including:
  • UNS-1 flying tri-oval patterns when ‘left’ holding pattern direction selected – fixed
  • Improvements to holding pattern logic, based on feedback from real 146/UNS-1 pilots.
  • Entering waypoints named “DISCO” causes a **NO LINK** discontinuity – fixed
  • UNS-1 freezes when entering arrival procedures at airports that have duplicated approaches in their Navdata (e.g. YBBN, VGHS) – fixed
  • Waypoints not sequencing correctly on VNAV PATH page when using DTO function – fixed
  • PVOR and SXTK text colour on MANEUVER page changed to blue to indicate that these functions are not yet simulated
  • HOLDING page displays 1/2 pages even though only one is available – fixed
  • HOLDING page ‘FIX’ and ‘INBD’ text do not swap when toggling direction of turn left/right – fixed
  • Various improvements for ATC communications when using the UNS-1
  • – Autopilot VS hold ELEVATOR TRIM UP/DOWN control assignments – fixed
  • – APU state now correctly restored when using state saving
  • – 146-200 cabin window seal issue – fixed
  • – Improvements to fuel pump logic to prevent flameouts when accidentally switching off fuel pumps when airborne
  • – No visible cargo on QC/QT variants – fixed
  • – 146-200QC TNT incorrect cockpit registration placard – fixed
  • – 146-300 United Express livery – fixed
  • – Missing part on air stairs handrail – fixed
  • – 146-200 tail skid missing – fixed
  • – VHF/HF aerial toggle EFB options – fixed
  • – Cabin attendant call panel ‘E.I.C.’ button typo – fixed
  • – Minor tweaks to cockpit sidewall texture reflectivity
  • – VHF COM radio test digits clipping edge of display – fixed
  • – Xbox controller rudder steering axis assignments – fixed
  • – ‘Modern’ FMS not powering on (Xbox version only) – fixed
  • – Improved standby altimeter counter accuracy around thousand-foot boundaries (non-Marketplace version only)
  • – EFB cabin announcements, auto cabin crew and cabin ambient sounds automatically disabled when flying the QC/QT variants but not restored when next flying a passenger variant – fixed (non-marketplace version only)
  • – Yoke checklists reappearing when selected hidden and then switching camera views – fixed (non-marketplace version only)
  • – Updated operations manual to v2.1
  • – Updated EFB manual to v2.1
  • – Updated UNS-1 manual to v1.1

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