Fokker 70-100 From Digital Aviation

Flight One Software, in partnership with Digital Aviation, “… excited to announce today the immediate availability of Digital Aviation’s Fokker 70-100 Simulation featuring the Fokker 70 and 100 Jet Airliners. This product is simultaneously released for both FSX and FS2004…..”.

This simulation focuses on accuracy in systems simulation with very few system limitations. Due to high demand in Europe (this product has been in long term development there), currently this product is released only with the 2D panel configurations, so therefore we consider this an “Early Adopters” version. There is no Virtual Cockpit in this release, as development over the years has focused highly on the aircraft and flight modeling systems. Also, the FSX version is not compatible with the DX10 preview setting. However, Digital Aviation understands the desire for Virtual Cockpits and DX10 preview compatibility, and they are working on an updated FSX DX10 compatible model now with VC, as well as a VC version for FS9. These would all be a free update to all Early Adopter purchasers should it become available.

All early adopters can get the product now for $49.95 USD. The price will go up to the regular price for any Virtual Cockpit/DX10 compatible version. So if you get the early release, you would not have to pay the higher price later. Also, the FSX and FS9 version can be had at a single price. You can buy one version you get the other for no additional charge.

The main goal for this product is to simulate every system in the Fokker 70 and 100 aircraft. 4 years of development so far have made this one of the most advanced simulations to date. This plane must be flown very much like the real world version that is flying with many airlines today.

Florian Praxmarer, lead developer and project manager, states “After 4 years of hard development we are proud to deliver this simulation to the community. We have gone to great lengths to make this a complete systems replication. We believe this is validated by the fact that real-world aviation training companies have even taken an interest in this product.”

Package Summary:

– Simulation of Fokker 100 and Fokker 70 airliners.
– Detailed panel systems simulation (2D only at this time) – includes Captain and F/O (First Officer) views.
– Precise Flight Dynamics with special interpretation of your computers joystick/yoke for the most accurate feel possible.
– Highly detailed exterior visual model.
– Custom sound set with many expanded sound features.
– Detailed documentation and tutorials.
– Load Manager and Fuel Planner.

– Compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 9.1 (installs FSUIPC)
– Compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP2 or ACC pack (installs FSUIPC4). The FSX version is not compatible with the DX10 preview at this time. The FS9 version will work with DX10.

Lets go into more detail into the main features of the simulation:

Aircraft Visual Model:

The package contains 3 highly detailed models of the Fokker 100. These include a Fokker 100 with a sliding door, a Fokker 100 with stair door, and a Fokker 70. The models have a lot of animated parts and extras:

– Rudder and Flap movement all based precisely on real system logic and state data.
– Landing/Taxi lights can be extended and switched on separately, beams moves along the surface.
– The Landing Light beams, measured from the real aircraft
– Baggage loading depends on real aircraft loading
– Shut down aircraft shows chocks and engine covers
– Ground power cable connection visible.
– Extra panel to control doors and ground equipment.
– AES (Airport Enhancement Services) definition files included.

Aircraft Flight Model:

The Fokker flight dynamics are precisely designed based on numerous real world comparisons and data. Accurate aerodynamic behaviors of the slatless wings match the real word fuel and climb data to within 2-5%. Simulated are the engine types TAY650 for the Fokker 100 and TAY620 for the F70. A detailed Load Manager handles all cargo stations in the aircraft and together with the Fuel Planner you can export a detailed real world load sheet into the kneeboard of FS. This data can easily be used for FMC setup and in-flight calculations.

Aircraft Systems:

The aircraft systems simulation is done with the highest level of detail featuring all Fokker systems, which of course includes a FMC and multiple EFIS Displays. The AFCAS (autopilot) is features all real world functions to the highest level of realism for this aircraft type.

– Detailed electrical bus system simulation of all internal systems. Lights are correctly fed by all the electrical busses and interconnections. (e.g. the left landing light has a different power source than right one, and can be tested by switching off the respective bus).
– Detailed bleed air and hydraulic system simulation. Includes anti-ice and cabin pressurization systems, down to the interconnection with the auto-thrust that maintains bleed pressure in idle descent during ANTIICE usage).
– Detailed Icing simulation
– Realistic APU starting and usage.
– Very precise IRS simulation with varying align time depending on Latitude.
– Detailed fuel system simulation.
– Detailed pitot and static port system simulation – all air data information is programmed to match the real aircrafts system.
– Weather radar with detailed ground reflection model.
– EGPWS with terrain data display.
– Flight augmentation simulation (basic extensive maneuver prevention).
– AFCAS Autopilot with high end regulation functionality, providing smooth and real control input throughout the flight. Absolutely smooth and precise control profile (VNAV) descents and CATIII autolandings in up to 30kts crosswinds with real rudder alignment. Also includes guided takeoff mode with automatic rudder input in case of engine failure.
– A high end FMC simulation (Honeywell software version 2A), including SID/STAR database, STRATEGIC and TACTICAL modes providing all the real functions except ENG OUT procedures.
– Realistic avionics simulation with 2 VOR’s an ILS receiver, 2 ADF’s, all connected to the correct busses and connected systems. The real Fokker side in logic is used.
– Mode S Transponder with TCAS matching the real TCAS test environment, with the ability to enter a Flight ID.
– Detailed adjustable interior lightning
– Precise controllability of all flight controls using correct hydraulic and electric bus connections, Lift-dumper logic, Speed-brake logic, emergency controls, flight control lock, and reverser logic.
– Detailed FWS (flight warning system) with correct alert inhibition in all corresponding flight phases with abnormal checklists/procedures display (up to 300 alerts/memos/messages in all levels).
– Detailed fire protection simulation.

Multicrew Simulation via TCPIP:

– Multicrew simulation to connect Captain and F/O to a complete flightdeck.
– Allows for shared online flights.

Other Systems:

– Ground and door control functions.
– Virtual first officer calls that act on real flight procedures.
– Cabin requests and announcements.

You can get the product now by visiting here or the main Flight1 website.

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