Wings of Power II: Spitfire FSX Patch

Wings of Power II: Spitfire PatchA2A Simulations has released a patch for their Wings of POWER II: Spitfire for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. “……This patch is to correct issues related to Microsoft Flight Simulator X only, and not for those who are running the Wings of POWER II: Spitfire for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004…..”.

“…….The patch can be applied to both the WWII FIGHTERS retail box owners with the 1.2 update installed or to the Wings of POWER II Solo Spitfire (which is already at version 1.2).

Included in the patch:
– Aircraft exported with native FSX tools
– SP2 / Acceleration supported
– Prop clipping fixed
– Light bloom black screen bug fixed
– Additional minor FSX fixes

Screenshots here and the patch can be downloaded here…..”.

Scott Gentile write “……..Now that the dust has settled with Microsoft FSX with their final Service pack 2 (and the Acceleration add-on), we’ve gone through and fixed all bugs related to the prior import processes. The Spitfire looks great, has an authentically recorded Merlin engine, and will fly spot on the numbers. We wish to thank all of our loyal customers for their continued support….”.

General information can be found at their website.

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