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What’s coming next from FlyByWire Simulations for the popular and freeware A32NX that simulates the Airbus A320 Neo for MSFS ? The first version of their custom Flight Management System, available in the Development version of the aircraft add-on, covers several aspects : “more stable flight plan edting”, “custom LNAV path prediction” and next will come improved flight track plotting on the Navigation Display (above is the Preview sample of “a capture turn into a course-to-fix leg, and an overfly turn direct to a fix”. Read more about all this in this NOTAM, and also on the Flight Management System…

Sim Skunk Works and simMarket fire up on this first day of September : ALL Prepar3D aircraft of the developers group are now freeware. Yes, you can get all of them at no cost : you just need a FREE customer account, login, and add to your basket without payment needed at checkout. Go now to and enjoy their F-84 F Thunderstream, PA200 Tornado, Lockhhed Martin/Aeritalia F-104S, Lockheed Martin FRF-104G, Fiat/Aeritalia G91 A/R/PAN, or even the Mc Donnel Douglas AV8B II Harrier. THey are all comptible with P3D5. 320 Sim Pilot is an actual pilot on the Airbus airliner and he publishes very regularly tutorial videos flying the A32NX Freeware add-on. We have selected the above video in order to introduce the new bearing and distance features found in the PROG page of the MCDU enhanced by FlyByWire Simulations. It’s one of the last features that they added in their freeware A320 Neo package, based on the default aircraft of Flight Simulator.

It’s turning as a popular utility for MSFS, LukeAirTool simulates passengers and plays cabin announcements, that you can change for your own audio files. Serve meals or drinks to your passengers during the flights. And the tool is also capable to assist for pushback, get METAR or charts. Download the software and register for free at

Among the numerous extra liveries that you can add in MSFS for your detailed aircraft, we found that Jiannis Camel artist would deserve a note here to let you see some of his creations, like this A320 Neo. Find more liveries for the Spitfire, F-15C, Typhoon Eurofighter or MB-339 at

Author of the beautiful Megève altiport LFHM for MSFS on sale at simMarket, located in the French Alps, Bank Angle also designed a freeware scenery : Micronesia Seaplane PTKB. It’s a fictional place but very well detailed, “based on their design knowledge in a paradise location”.

Yes, Georender scenery is back.  Many simmers will remember Emma Field and the airports made famous by the original Georender series, especially as a number of them have been remade by other commercial developers.  Well, Richard is now developing freeware for FS2020.  His first two offerings are large scale Ultra-High-Resolution sceneries of iconic American landscapes in Sedona, Arizona and The Arches National Park in Utah.  Both can be downloaded from where you can search for “Sedona Cinematic” and “Arches National Park”.

We’ve been informed that hosts a new freeware tool very useful and efficient for MSFS : Package Manager. Drag and drop your downloaded files over the tool window, and it will install them in your Community folder, which is automatically detected. Easy !

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