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The CRJ-700 installed by default in P3D can be greatly updated for free thanks to 2Skies ProFlight package. It will receive new sounds, 4k textures on the exterior body and HD textures in the virtual cockpit. TrueGlass by TFDi Design is also integrated for super realistic effects of rain, ice with wiper simulation.

The Visual Mod – Spring Season of AviationLads is a free pack that combines the following content : “PTA preset, ReShade preset, custom ReShade textures and REX Sky Force 3D Sky Textures (or custom Sky Textures).”. You will find their download file here :

This free and complete pack installs the Dassault Mercure 100 model either for FSX or FS9 if you have kept a copy ready to fly. Mario Noriega and B. Plamondon prepared a full 3D virtual cockpit + 2D panels, with a functional HUD and various liveries of the Classic commercial aviation era. The download packages are here, and an introduction is found here.

alpilotx has finished his work on the High Definition Mesh v4 and the first HD Mesh for X-Plane 11 only. As usual it brings a better resolution for the mesh itself and the area descriptions. You can find the download links and installation description: here. Screenshots of the HD Mesh v4 can be found here, and comparisons between the X-Plane 11 Default Mesh and the HD Mesh here.

Vidan Design released their gift to the flight sim community with the new version of the freeware Aarhus Airport X v1.4 (EKAH), supporting now P3D V4. Aarhus is the second most important city of Denmark. Known as makers of various payware sceneries for Denmark, you can browse the complete catalogue of Vidan Design at simMarket. Currently with a 25% OFF discount !

httpv:// This video is the evidence that FSFX Thunderstorm dramatically changes how thunderstorm look in P3D v4. And that’s a free package, visit and download : Brought to the community by OldProp Solutions author of multiple FSFX Packages.

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