CityBird Virtual To Take Off Soon

Francois Vranken of CityBird VA announced today: “CityBird was founded in 1996 and flew passengers to holiday destinations in Florida and the Caribbean, initially aiming for longhaul destinations with 767s and MD-11s. The call sign was ‘Dream Flight’.
Later on 2 A300s were added as an expansion to cargo operations. Alas, these Airbusses eluded me and I never got them for my lens. “

“In fact, in 1999 2 747s (freighters) were expected to be operated to North – & South America, but this never happened.

As a Virtual Airline, we are projecting CityBird Airlines into today’s world. From our home base at EBBR (Brussels), we offer passenger as well as cargo flights to the entire world. We cover the European continent as well as the Americas, Africa and Asia; the planet.

CityBird Virtual announced today that it will begin accepting applications .
Full automated pirep systeem

The airline is also looking for 3 staff members who are willing to help out. ”
Requirement is that you have fly online either with Vatsim or Ivao, the only pilot clients we accept. You must be member of either or both organizations.
100 flight hours
Start date Operations 2008-06-10
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