Navigraph New Airport and Enroute Charts

An announcement from the guys at Navigraph: “The airport charts and enroute charts available for download via the nDAC software have now been updated. The FEB08 revision has been replaced by the MAY08 revision (batch #12). More information about the data (changes and current coverage) is available in our nDAC product pages,

The number of airport charts are now 23,271 (previously 22,655), in a total of 1,199 airports (previously 1,183). The new and revised airport charts are distributed over 232 airports worldwide. …/”

The full PR after the jump…

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Out of these 232 revised airports, 42 have also been fully converted to the new airport chart format (in addition to the 19 in the last revision), specifically ESGK, ESKV, ESMS, EFLP, EFMA, EGAA, EGAC, EGBB, EGBE, EGGD, EGHH, EGHI, EGJB, EGKB, EGNH, EGNX, EGPD, EGPF, EGPH, EICK, EICM, EIDW, EIKN, EIKY, EINN, EISG, EIWF, ENSG, LFBP, LFSF, ESNJ, ESNX, ESOH, ESOK, EYPA, OEDM, OEHL, OETR, OEWJ, LOWW, LPPI and LRSB. The airport chart manual for this new format is available at

In addition to updating 46 enroute charts we have also added another four low altitude enroute charts for North America (NAM 02N/S and 12N/S) bringing the total amount of enroute charts available for download to 118. Signifiant updates are found in Europe, Asia and South America.

New! A manual for the enroute chart format is available at

All existing nDAC users will receive a reminder to download a new Airport Chart Index and a new Enroute Chart Index next time nDAC software is started. By updating the indices all new charts will be come visible and available for download. If you need more help on this you may consult the help files available by pressing F1 in the nDAC and look for explanations on “Index” or by following this link:

After the new indices are downloaded and installed the nDAC software will select all charts that need to be updated for you. If you would like to continue to update your charts in a really easy manner, just press the “Download Selected Items” button, once for each index tab, in the Download Manager as the airports and enroute charts are already selected for you. If you want to know how this works, press F1 and look for “Quick Select” or follow this link:

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