Remember this great FSX Advert?

I was browsing through YouTube looking for something else and came across this fantastic FSX advertisement that was launched for FSX marketing around September 2006 if my memory serves me well. I don’t know who produced it, if you do and have any more information on this short movie please fill in a comment (that’s one of the nice new features on simflight… <g>).


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  1. The guy flying the 737 is Hal from the Microsoft Team. I am not sure who the other characters are.

  2. I hadn’t seen that before. Tears running down my face – what a great cure for dry eye!!! Especially the two guys taking off for real…

  3. Thought someone would have the correct info by now. Definitely NOT Hal from the Microsoft Team as he told everyone at the AVSIM Conf in Wash DC a couple of years ago. It’s an actor. It’s an official Microsoft advertisment for FSX entitled “Shared Skies”. According to the properties, it was created on 7/14/2006.

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