Pyro Aerobatics Helicopter

The latest addition to the simMarket on-line shop is a fantasy helicopter designed by Mick Posch, or Pixel Cowboys LLC. Mick writes “……Flight Simulator is a great way to simulate real world aircraft and procedures, and do things strictly by the book.
But there’s also a huge untapped potential: Why not use the technology to build the ultimate dream machine? One that can outperform anything in the real world…and let you do things no real world pilot would ever attempt?….”.
Available here at simMarket.

“…… The helicopter you’d buy if you had millions of dollars burning a hole in your pocket…if only it existed! That’s the concept behind the Pyro.

The Pyro is a single place, single engine turbine helicopter. Top speed is 330 knots, with a cruise speed of 300. Tight high-G turns, 360 rolls, insanely steep dives and climbs, and loops are all in its bag of tricks. And though it’s designed mainly with racing and aerobatics in mind, it also makes a great vehicle for sight seeing and just plain cruising around. Want to fly to that new scenery you’ve just installed? Why not choose the chopper that will get you there in no time flat, then let you enjoy the sights with its unparalleled view of the outside world?

Though it’s pure fantasy, it’s as richly detailed and full featured as the most accurately simulated real world aircraft. The goal was to make it a thoroughly believable experience, and it takes its cues from extensive research into existing technology……”.

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  1. Unfortunate this is nothing more than one mans fantasy aircraft and asking for money for something that is aerodynamically impossible is the ultimate insult.

    There is the little thing called retreating blade stall, happens to every conventional helicopter ever produced. About 200 to 220 KIAS is tops for a conventional heli. The dual rotor aircraft such as the Russian Hokam or tandem rotor such as the Boeing CH-46/47 are some of the fastest helicopters yet still do not reach 330 KIAS.

    I guess next they will try and sell a supersonic Bell 222.

  2. This aircraft is beautifully modelled, inside & out, flies & hovers like a dream.

    Who cares if retreating blade stall is a limit in the real world..this isn’t a real world aircraft !

    The amount of money asked for by the author is minimal, and great value. To call it “the ultimate insult” displays a complete disregard for the author’s obvious skills. Can you model to this standard ?

    I have been looking for a heli to test fly my FSX Mission projects quickly, and this fits the bill to a “T”.

    Well done Mike !!

  3. “Chinook” and “fast”? Sorry, 175 Kts ish (empty). The Kamov KA 50 can scrape 189…

    These heavy lift choppers are not designed for speed. The Westland Lynx holds the world helicopter speed record. 201 Knots – set in 1986 in a heavily beefed up company technology demonstrator. The retreating blade stall is critical – it will kill the unwary pilot. So why allow a sim chopper to mislead you? That is no longer “simulation”.

    Basically retreating blade stall is a factor of rotor diameter and where the lifting surface starts. So if at that point on the blade’s length, the chopper is going faster forward, than the blade’s rearward movement can create lift, then you lose lift (because the is flying slower than it’S stall speed). No way will a chopper with a larger blade diameter EVER be faster than one with a smaller diameter. Physically impossible

    Supersonic choppers? At the moment designers are doing everything to prevent even the blade tips going supersonic. The first part of a chopper to go supersonic will be the advancing blade tip. When it does, you lose lift. It can kill.

    But what stops me buying this model is not the physics but the nose. Everything else looks sweet, until you see that plexiglass cone on the front. Strange thing is taste…

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