Al Pelletier is aboard!!!

Hi friends,

Miguel has kindly invited me to join the team as a writer. Those of you that don’t know me, I write the Round Robin adventures. Mainly VOR/NDB and approach procedures. Started doing the Round Robins in the early 1990’s on bulleting boards (before the Internet) and it, kind of, took off from there. I am not so sure as to what direction I will take with this “news” like reporting. I do reviews on new products (scenery, airplanes etc..) and maybe I can channel my thoughts in that direction.

Anyway, this initial writing is for me to get familiar with this system (is there a spell checker with this ??:-). I also have access to the entire planet when it comes to recent maps (ONC’s, GNC’s etc.). Maybe we can incorporate some of these for Flight Simmers.

Anyhow, I will see where this takes me. My last article for Computer Pilot magazine is a flight base in Italy. I take the reader from Milan, to Malta’s Luqa, Napoli and back to Milan. I am totally surprised that folks still fly these and that my Editor still wants them, after all these years. I haven’t counted them but I must have written a couple hundred. I uploaded/donated about 30 at Avsim and they seem to be fairly popular. I would have thought that with the FMC’s and flight planning programs available today, that Simmers would have given up on them a long time ago, and I could have retired “Darn” !!! No such luck. Maybe it is all the great high resolution maps and approach plates that keeps them going.

If any of the readers want to pick my brain on Flightsim, please feel free. I started in the very beginning, with guys like Alfred Gretch, Mike, Justin Tyme and others.

That’s all for today. I am sure, and I hope, that the ideas will start flowing soon.


Al Pelletier

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  1. Hi Al,

    Glad to see you aboard. I always look forward to your writing and articles. Yes, I too have been around a long time……..all the way back to FSII 😉


  2. Great to hear your name again Al. Looking forward to some of your work coming down the pike!

    Happy flying!

    Ed Lin, D.O.S.

  3. Hi Al, and welcome!

    There is at least one spell checker and it is called the Managing Editor …. LOL ! I corrected a few things for ya. But you can also use the one that comes with your browser (Firefox!), never need anything else.

    Man, if you think FS2 makes you old……. I started way before MS even KNEW about flight simulators ! 🙂

    Looking forward to your writings,


  4. I enjoy your RoundRobin Adventures. You mentioned in the May issue of Computer Pilot that you had uploaded some great charts for the Hong Kong adventure. I did not find them on the Website. I’ve written to them several times. Can you help me?


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