Ultimate Terrain X Europe Boxed Edition Out Now

Flight 1 has released the boxed edition of Ultimate Terrain Europe for FSX and writes “……… The most complete scenery upgrade for Flight Simulator X yet. Professional quality data means new roads, rivers, coastlines, railways and urban environments bring a new level of realism — day and night!

Designed specifically for FSX, Ultimate Terrain X Europe transforms the FSX world by placing all the real world features you would expect (roads, rivers, railways, coastlines, parks etc) in exactly the same place in FSX – if there is a roundabout at the bottom of your road and you fly over your house in FSX the roundabout will be there.  Ultimate Terrain X Europe achieves this by utilising the very best commercial data available.  As it is the data set being replaced, the performance hit seen with photographic scenery is avoided, and the result is a much smoother integration with FSX.

More than simply dropping the accurate data into FSX the development team have gone to great lengths to make this the ultimate “must have” product for FSX.  For example, not only are rivers placed accurately according to the real world position, but if they cross extreme elevation changes then the software also corrects the terrain to avoid otherwise common “sloping water”.  One of the drawbacks of accurate data is that it can prove to be very different from the existing FSX dataset and this has previously caused odd looking bridges and tunnels. In Ultimate Terrain X Europe however, bridges and tunnels entrances are included to make sure that the new roads and railways look right as well as being right.

Ultimate Terrain X Europe takes coastlines to a whole new level by including higher resolution rocky coastline textures, sandy beaches, concrete piers, freshwater dams, and man-made breakers. The coastline textures blend the edges of the water bodies with the land, and just to make sure that everything is right, all oceanic coastlines have been classified by hand to give them a more appropriate look.  Inland, this attention to detail can also be seen as Ultimate Terrain X Europe not only adds detailed water features throughout the entire European region according to their real world location but also includes water class options that will change the water colour associated with lakes and rivers.

As if all of this was not enough, Ultimate Terrain X Europe also includes a unique night lighting feature unseen in non-professional simulators.  Ultimate Terrain X Europe night lighting consists of actual points of light that represent street lights, junction lights, and vehicle lights.  Improvements with Ultimate Terrain X gives brighter lights against the very bright FSX background, prevents autogen reduction and eliminates “floating lights” from differing mesh products.

Ultimate Terrain X Europe defines what a “must have” FSX title is — once installed this is yet another Flight1 product that will not be removed.

Flight1 has produced a boxed edition with printed manual, which is available from all good retailers, from the local hobby shop to high street chain stores.  The boxed version and the download version (using Flight1’s popular e-commerce system) are also both available from……”.

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