Wilco Publishing Airbus 380

Wilco Publishing from Belgium reports that their Version 2 of the Airbus 380 is now available. “…… With new technologies, improved features and specific FSX missions, Wilco Publishing brings the Airbus A380 to Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Airbus A380 v2 download version is now available. The CD version production will be released Summer 2008.

Highlights :
· Highly detailed replica of the Airbus A380 for Microsoft Flight Simulator X
· Three realism levels available: beginner, intermediate and expert
· FSX missions to provide step-by-step tutorial, from Cold & Dark cockpit to full kiss landing
· Glass cockpit with advanced digital avionics
· GPWS, Traffic and Collision Avoidance System, advanced FMS features… “.

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  1. Another joke from Wilco…
    While this model resembles the real A380 a lot better than the first version it is still not at all accurate as advertised and simply plain ugly… lacking any attention to detail.
    Now I could live with that… but it gets a lot better… On their sales page they write:
    “Interactive 3D Virtual Cockpit – Exactly as the real aircraft !”
    Just looking at the screenshots for one minute I can find dozens of things that are not at all like the real A380…

    I wouldn’t mind this product at all if:
    – they would stop advertising things they clearly do not provide
    – they would not price it at a level you get a fully simulated airliner from other manufacturers
    – they would write a product page which sounds as if this product is the best and most realistic thing you could have for PC based flight simulation

    Please avoid this, the flight deck and its system does not have anything to do with the real A380… its just cheap money making by Wilco…

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