‘Wonderful World’ FSX Textures

WWW (What a Wonderful World) is a set of ground textures enhancement for Microsoft Flight Simulator X made by Aimé Leclercq. “…..WWW comprises the entire planet and four (4) seasons plus the rigorous winter (extra in FS), that makes it five (5) seasons!

These textures represent all natural zones visible around the world: Rocks, mountain pastures, plains, deserts, marsh (with effects of water), forests, tundra, savannas, glacier and snows, coral, hardened lava, yellow sand, white sand, black sand plus surfaces around certain airfields. The other zones of the world are automatically merged with the WWW textures.

The product includes more than 3300 textures and over 2Gb of data…..”.

Available at simMarket.

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  1. Hmm, looks very nice. I wonder how it compares to for example FScene textures. I’m still waiting for Ground Environment for FSX.

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