simFlight H.Q. Is Melting

SimFlight’s HQ is located in The Netherlands, as you may know, and we’re having some freak weather here. Temperatures have gone up to 32C inside the office (that’s 89 F for you colonials) and that is NOT something we’re really used to. Not a problem for my Florida friends, but here PC’s are running hot and so is your’s truly. If you don’t hear from us anymore today…….. !!

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  1. I live in Shanghai, China, a very hot place in summer. But quite surprised to know that your office is even hotter than my home. Hope everything is going well there. Buy yourself some cool beer.

  2. Thanks Jiayi, good idea ! 🙂
    Yes, the times that Holland was a cold country up north have long gone…. 😉

  3. Come on now Francois, did you forget all the lovely rain and damp and cold weather you guys up in hte Netherlands have enjoyed from October to Mai????

    Couple of hot days won’t make a difference 🙂

    Cheers, and yes, there is still SNOW on Mont Blanc!

  4. You know of course this was just a test to see if anybody is still reading simFlight !!?? LOL!

    We’ll be down to check on the Mont Blanc soon, Ralph !

  5. Hot? Thats not hot. I live in Phoenix, AZ. we havent had a sub 100 day in like 5 or 6 weeks, its currently 112 outside my office.

  6. I am on the east coast of North Carolina USA. Been up to 99 degrees here with 100% humidity and summer is just beginning.

    For Sean. Been to phoenix town many times during the summer. Usually in the Buckeye area visiting friends.
    Lived in Yuma for four years. I feel for you!

    Sorry it hot in the Netherlands, mother nature is sharing the wealth!

  7. wow.. thats a really weird weather.. but unless you reach 40° theres not too much to worry about.. a couple of weeks ago here in central mexico was at 37 – 38.. now with the ongoing raining season those high temps have gone but its still a nice 33° with lots of humidity ( yikes! )…just drink a lot of water and get personal fan cooler and you will be ok… :o)

  8. Haha !! Thanks guys ! I guess I wouldn’t be puffin’ n huffin’ were I to be a New Mexico or Arizona resident…… I guess you guys are used to it (!?). But I’m a poor Dutchie and favor ice skating and walking around in 4 layers of clothes more !

    Was in Florida last year an boy….. I am sooooooooooo not going to move there !! 😉

  9. Is this still a FS website? It looks like a global warming forum. 🙂

  10. I guess all these people telling Francois how much hotter they are will offer to get him some air con. LOL!
    Ermmmm…..Francois? Why haven’t you got air con already?!

  11. I’m all for global warming, means I can burn the remaining white bits missed by the sun last weekend, then I’ll be pink all over 🙂

  12. Every year I decide that THIS YEAR I will be getting myself a mobile airco unit. I’ll JUST wait till it gets REALLY hot, because the darn things are expensive and I’m not making a whole lot of money.
    And then I wait and wait some more…. till I am so fed up with my PC’s running hotter than me even….. and having to stop them…. that like NOW I will get in the car to get one!

    Guess what?
    EACH and EVERY year when I reach that point I all of a sudden sit here shivering in the Dutch North Sea wind, wondering where that change in weather came from and thinking… oh well, I’ll get me one NEXT year !!

    🙂 🙂

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