Scenery Tech’s Landclass Titles Released

Scenerytech has released a number of landclass replacement products on simMarket. You can now separately purchase their landclass for Asia, Europe, North America and South America. They state that “…….SceneryTech’s products fix nearly every issue found in the default landclass, from pervasive desertification of the landscape to missing towns and cities. Most importantly, it will ramp up the realism and make the FS world a more interesting place to fly……”.

“……As part of the effort to reduce the desertification effect, the entire slope texturing scheme has been revamped to minimize the use of desert textures on slopes. This is achieved through the Improved Slope Landclass (ISL), a unique component not found in any other landclass product. The ISL also activates smoother texture transitions between flat surfaces and steep slopes……”.

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