FSX SP2 & FS2004: The Epic LT from Lionheart Creations

New from the Studios of Lionheart Creations comes the sleek and exotic Epic LT Dynasty. Manufactured in the United States and being seen at more and more airports, this wild six seater turboprop sports an airframe fully comprized of pure Carbon Fiber. Coupled with the performance version of the Pratt and Whitney line, the PT6-67A, this aircraft can cruise at 280 knots indicated, up to over 350 knots actual, and has a ceiling of 21,000 feet.

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This new model package comes with 9 aircraft, animated pilot and copilot, different cabin interior trim packages, sound package with a neat ‘turbine’ jet sound to it, soft glow illumination for night flying, fully functional VC with animated controls which include a hideable yoke selection, a modern Garmin G900X tripple screen glass panel system with ultra easy system navigation having ‘no’ sub menus and optional ‘on screen’ click zones for faster navigation in Flight Simulator.

To top off the package, this comes in both FSX and FS2004 editions, all in one package. The FSX version is in full ‘pure’ FSX format, featuring the FSX material ‘dual’ model files, extreme and tuned FSX textures in DDS format that allow full and complete use in DirectX-10 sim platforms. The Manual is in PDF format and uses screenshots to point out the easy to use Garmin screen system.

Performance aspects, guidance, and even blueprints were supplied by the staff at Epic Aircraft Corporation.
If you have been wanting a plane that no one else has, if you like the fast lane, if you are one that always eyes a Lamborghini or Ferrari, if you want something that shines and is rather different from the rest, then this sleek aircraft might be for you.

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