TrackIR Pro Software Upgrade

Found on the web site of NaturalPoint, the makers of TrackIR, a new version of the TrackIR software for download. This brings it to version 4.1.35. This is software for TrackIR Pro 4, the nifty little device that will make your pilot’s head turn in the game, by just slightly moving your own head.

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  1. Using a picture of an actual TrackIR Pro would seem to be the thing to do……

  2. Contributing it to simFlight, e.g. to the community instead of just criticizing ‘would seem to be the’ even better ‘thing to do….’ how about a link to the correct image then, if this bothers you so much?

    it’s really amazing how people have the guts to just speak up when they have negativism on their minds… wake up! do something good for a change!

  3. We are, in fact, contributing to the simFlight community: stating our opinions, no matter how critical they may be, will help simFlight from turning into an online advertisement for simMarket and into a place for some unbiased news.

  4. Alicja, you seem to be misunderstanding the relationship between SimMarket and SimFlight – they’re run by the same management, and the sales of SimMarket make it possible for SimFlight to keep the lights on for you, for free. There’s nothing sinister going on, and Francois has never tried to misrepresent the relationship between the two sites. SimFlight offers news and a very active forum, and SimMarket offers sales of an enormous variety of FS addons. I fail to see a problem with the arrangement.

  5. And Simflight is offering great information at great speed indeed… I would have missed both, the B-377 and this update for TrackIR for a while without you – I would actually not even know what TrackIR is without the guys around the forum – so thanks a lot for that!

  6. The spammer with his many false names is getting SOOOOOOO boring. I lost the energy to even read, let alone reply to his posts. Talking about a sinister scheme…. I KNOW one when I see one šŸ˜‰

    Now, what is wrong with TrackIR’s clips again ?????

  7. It’s probably worth expanding on Francois’ comment there to point out that the devices shown in the pic ARE actually Track IR – they’re the active Track Clip that forms part of the head tracing system, helping reduce problems with background “clutter”… So they are a pic of Track IR, just not the transciever head that it the most commonly shown bit.

  8. Also worth pointing out, is that the Track IR really is an amazing (if expensive) bit of kit.
    Until I saw it in operation in FSX recently, I was concerned that it would have the same jittery movement I get when using my hat switch to pan the VC view around. Not so…nice and smooth.

    It affected my flying quite a bit initially. I just wasn’t ready for the effect it would have ! Anyway..after a couple of hours getting used to it, I still find myself checking around the side of the instrument panel for loose screws ! šŸ™‚

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