(SOLVED) simMarket & simFlight hick ups due to IP changes!

Some may have trouble reaching and the simFlight sites today. The problem is actually fixed but it takes some time for the new IP settings to be propagated around the world.

What happened?: Last week we started to move simMarket to shiny new servers (quad core, 4GB Ram… all the nice things)  and we wanted to work in the background without any disruption of services, we did not want it to be noticeable to the customers. We managed to actually switch one server like this already 10 days ago and are in the process of moving the second one right now. And this is when the trouble started.

Due to a misunderstanding between the people involved (e.g. Miguel and the techs) (e.d.: always blame it on Miguel!!!) no one changed the IP address of our nameservers at the source of it all: the registrar. That is where you buy the domains… and also create nameservers for them to be entered into the root zones…. ok ok.. that is highly complicated matter!
Because we run our own nameservers this affects all simFlight sites aswell (and yes we do need to revise the way we do this to avoid such issues in the future).

Anyway.. the problem is fixed… you will see hick ups along the day….  and all will revert to normal very soon.  the last new server will be operative today and to make sure things are well we will also keep one of the old servers online aswell for today.

And most important: the database is well and saved and backed up and your data is secure: both were never at risk! We were also not hacked into or attacked in any other form…

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  1. seems you have a really bad webdesigner and server management…here it took minutes to load since 2 weeks…a minimal check on visitors stats should have advised you of the problems…nameservers it is first thing people check when you tranffer domains to another server. also i remember the bad design of the wordpress new site when started, then the problem of bad menu not working…seems there are very unprofessional tech….quad core, 4GB Ram… all the nice things but here load as a celeron…i can tell you domains with a celeron that load 100% faster with worpdress and with flash movies etc…about webdesign….simmarket it is professional and i like a lot, also the forum look good…but simflight loadness its a disaster………i can talk about because i work with servers and webdesign and 3d building. don’t take this comment badly…i am talking only about i saw here in last 4 weeks.

  2. hey, WE ARE NOT PROFESSIONALS! WE ARE BAD WEB DESIGNERS AND TERRIBLE SERVER MANAGERS! if we were professionals we would be part of or some other big network! but we are not… we are hobbyists and we learn every day.. what is wrong with that?

    the speed of the site is slower then the old one, but that was to be expected.. it runs on wordpress which codes is slow per se but it offers lots more features.. if you look at the source code of the page you will see why.
    but overall the speed is not slower then your regular big network site.

    the nameserver issue was nothing more then an ip (of the name server domain, not simflight) that was not updated… i don’t know where you take your wisdom to bring it together with the speed of the site. if you checked dns info for you would have noticed that it has not changed in months:

  3. Yup, OUR GOAL is to get our readers FS news as soon as possible, as clear as possible and as objective as possible. All for FREE.

    If we would be in the game to have a website as ‘slick’ as possible you would have to do WITHOUT news, because we would not be able to afford it. And YOU would not be willing to pay for it, would you now ?? 😉

    Each to his own… you get paid by someone (I assume) to make servers and networks run nicely, we provide interesting content (in proper language) as best as we can…… without pay!

    So yes, even WE are frustrated often by the many quirks of ‘technology’ and the fact we don’t have the time to learn the skills needed to be professional web builders, but then again… that’s not our goal in life and not in the interest of our many readers.

    I hpe you can continue to ‘live with it’ 😉

    Kind regards,

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