Beech Staggerwing For PRE-Flight

Jose Pena of PRE-Flight announces their Beech Staggerwing. PRE-Flight RC Simulator simulates radio controlled flying on your PC. “……. Regarded by many as “The Most Beautiful Airplane” of all time – certainly the most beautiful biplane, the Beechwood Staggerwing was designed as built from the start in 1932 to be THE premium business executive airplane – much like the Gulfstream executive jets of today……”.

“………. The Beechcraft Model 17 Staggerwing gets its name from the negative stagger – the lower wing is more forward than the upper wing – which is designed to give the pilot a superior view as well as provide a lower stall speed. Its retractable gear, uncommon at the time, combined with advanced streamlining and a powerful, light engine resulted in a faster, more agile, and longer-ranged aircraft than its contemporaries.  Its design was found by many to be ideal for racing as well as for fast, comfortable travel.

The last Staggerwing left the factory in 1949, however, it was widely used around the world for decades longer, many Staggerwings still flying today, lovingly maintained by their owners and still looking very fast and modern despite its age.

This large scale PRE-Flight model of the Staggerwing is composed of over 130,000 polygons, and has full moveable control surfaces, retractable main and wheel landing gears, finely detailed radial engine and even a detailed, cream leather interior.  Performance is as would be expected of a muscle biplane.

To download this and other models and to download the PRE-Flight Demo, visit PRE-Flight RC Flight Simulator here………”.

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