Guru3D Gaming PC Buyers Guide

Guru3d have released their ‘PC Buying Guide’ which can help you decide on what to get next. “…. It is time to build that dream PC before you head off for school! Surely you do not have to take our advice for granted, but at the very least let us help you a little. Guru3D’s guide will only cover the box. Monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers are not included…..”.

“……. I do this for brevity’s sake, as the monitor alone would require its own guide, especially if I were to cover LCD monitors. Since this site is called “Guru3D” this guide will target a system intended for gaming primarily.

So what sort of criteria do I take into account when deciding what parts to recommend?

  • Price and Performance: first and foremost, what gives the most bang for your buck, in terms of gaming primarily of course.
  • Reliablity: second on the list but just as important. This includes things such as compatability (ever had RAM that worked on one motherboard but not in another?), trustworthiness of a brand overall (do they have a history of making reliable parts?) in addition to the reliablity of the part in question.
  • Overclockability: overclocking can help squeeze out that extra performance out of a system and can make a big impact on price versus performance (why should you buy a $1000 CPU if you can overclock a $200 CPU to match it?) so this factor can always swing my decision.
  • Heat and Power Issues: heat is the enemy of a computer and it can affect the stability (and reliablity) of your machine. Performance per watt has become a buzz word and as power requirements for computers rise I eye this more and more closely……”.

Find the Guru3D PC Buyers Guide here.

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