Carenado enters in a new generation of product development

Fernando Herrera explains: ”FSX has opened a whole new world of technological possibilities to push up even more our high quality standards. In this new era we have adopted the latest in modeling techniques: (NURBS modeling) and improved the development techniques of high resolution textures resulting in a photorealistic representation with very friendly FPS performance. All of this plus new FSX effects such as normal mapping, specular mapping, freshnel effects among others.

We achieved a new quality standard that was impossible to reach until now which we are absolutely convinced will delight our fans and customers.

With this, we enforce our compromise with our customers to give them high quality products which truly representations of the reality in terms of visual and behavior parameters.

We invite all the community to take a look to our next projects developed under this new technology which will be released soon (press here to see them).

Stay tuned.


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  1. Another developer who doesn’t realize FS9 is not yet dead to most of us. At least this is a GA outfit which FSX is more suited. FSX seems to be great for GA but not much else so this may not be all that bad. As long as Airliner simulations and scenery are still geared toward FS9 for the most part then there’s really no big deal. FS9 will be viable through the whole shelf life of FSX (until Microsoft releases FS11) and most likely past that if MS screws up the next version. To try and kill off FS9 products is shooting down a good percentage of a developers customer base. That’s their choice and like I said it’s GA so it’s really no big deal at this point…

  2. I have to disagree with you there Dillon. FSX and commercial airliners work just perfect together. If one should believe publishers and developers, who actually know the sales numbers : FS9 is nearing it’s end and is not commercially viable anymore.

    There is a good selection of FSX scenery and plane add-ons. FEX, ASX, (upcoming) REX, FSDreamteam’s KORD, various Aerosoft airports (EDDF, EGLL), LDS767, PMDG747, Coolsky Super80 (classic and pro) that sport all the FSX bells and whistles.

    Furthermore, developers HAVE to (start) focus(ing) on what is coming next. FS9 had a very large fanbase, but don’t forget that every new 13, 14 year old kid that goes to the store buys FSX and not FS9 and that number is growing vast, every day.

    I am no developer, so I wouldnt know anything about the technical advantages that FSX holds over FS9, but from a graphical standpoint, FSX beats FS9, hands down.

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