TweakFS Releases ScreenShot ToolBox

TweakFS has released the second member of its ToolBox Series of utilities. The TweakFS ScreenShot ToolBox is a Flight Simulator-specific screenshot utility (supports both FSX and FS2004) and with it you can easily create, display, edit, upload, download and email your FS screenshot masterpieces. A major feature is the dazzling Apple iTunes “Coverflow” style 3D screenshot display system which uses cutting-edge DirectX technology.
The ToolBox is packed with a number of handy integrated utilities which makes emailing, uploading and downloading screenshots from within the utility a real snap. The built-in ScreenShot Creator supports automatically adding logos, banners and anti-aliased text when the snapshot is taken which saves a lot of post-editing time, or they can be added later. The banner/logo adding feature supports images with transparent backgrounds (PNG – Portable Network Graphics) and layered objects with shadows (PSD – Adobe Photoshop) as well as alpha-blending or transparency.
For a more detailed description, screenshots and a free 30-day demo visit

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