12 1/2 Years Of Precision Painting For FS

We are talking about the period in which flightsimmers from all over the world valued the work of Ruud ‘FScene’ Faber, winner of so many FS rewards.  “……. Being a professional aquarel painter with a great interest in flightsimming, he started early 1996 with his first set of replacement ground textures for Europe. Soon other continents followed. And all these years he never stopped following the exciting developments in the FS world, every new version……”.

“……. Meanwhile the productive artist behind FScene has provided thousands and thousands of replacements for Flight Simulator`s default ground textures, for all over the world, in every season.  For many of you they need no introduction, but if by any chance you haven`t heard of them, check `em out. The program is replacing most ground textures with new texture files that are specially designed to match the characteristics of the landscape on the different continents even better than the default ones do. Additionally, a special drawing technique applied to the textures gives them almost the impression of being three-dimensional. No matter if you fly over cities, springtime meadows, snowy Alps, summer islands or  rain forests,  they will turn every flight into an optical experience of enhanced realism. The complete work for FS9 / FSX is now available in a combined package, the FScene-TotalPack. Those who land at the FScene website are in for a pleasant ‘jubilee’ surprise……”.

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