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CH Products announces today the latest release in their controller product line. “……. From LA to Sydney, over torrential bodies of water and massive terrain, through farmlands and wetlands, the CH Flight Sim Yoke has been a constant companion in the countless journeys you’ve taken for many, many years.  It’s time to finally retire that indestructible co-pilot now and say hello to a new friend……”.

“…….. CH Products is proud to release the latest and greatest in Flight Simulation hardware with the release of its new high end yoke, the new  CH Eclipse !!  Built with the same high end components you find in our industrial products, the CH Eclipse brings value added functions to compliment all your favorite sims.

The Eclipse Yoke includes the following new features:
°    Fully programmable fingertip paddles, ideal for flight and racing sims
°    Programmable trim / scroll wheels with center push function
°    Two backlit push buttons and a third traditional push button
°    Two 8-way hat with rocker switch and trigger on both sides of handle
°    Configurable POV hat for either left or right hand use
°    Colored handles for throttle / prop / fuel mixture
°    Three color LED selector dial giving you a total of 240 programmable functions with CH Control Manager software
°    Six analog 10 bit axes for aileron, elevator, throttle, propeller pitch, fuel and rudder
°    New and improved industrial grade material / components; indestructible robust plastic, free floating shaft and clamp extenders for the thinnest of desks

Scheduled for takeoff in time for the holidays, this ruggedized yoke is the first of several products added to our flight line.   Visit our website for pricing and availability…….”.

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  1. The same product with a few buttons added…I dont like it, it was better before. Now it is ugly like hell….when will CH start listening to the FS market. Why not change the yoke to a more realistic airline type yoke mold, like found in most modern aircraft.
    In adition I would have came up with extra (replacable) handled for 2 engine aircraft that you could interchange with the fuel mixture forinstance, what about push to talk buttons instaed of all that backlighting buttons (I dont want my yoke to become a master instrument panel)…stuff like that would make it more appealing for customer. Im convinsed they can do better than otherwise they will be wipeout soon by the competition…

  2. I agree this new Yoke is in no way what we needed. I for one would have liked to see the throttle and fuel control lever switched around versus how it is now. When flying in the real world in a pattern you keep your right hand on the throttle. The way the CH Yoke is configured you have to reach over the other levers on top of the yoke to get to the throttle. I have the throttle mapped to the very end lever for easy access while flying (the red lever above ends up being the throttle). Yes the configuration of the levers on the yoke is realistic to what’s in a real aircraft but in practicle use on this controller it’s awkward to say the least. Everything AM has stated above I also agree with. CH had a good opportunity to listen to the community this time around and produce an outstanding companion to FS. Instead they seem to have dropped the ball and did what they wanted…

  3. While I agree, having used both the old CH yoke and the new Saitek one, that I can see nothing that would make me want to run out and buy this, I’d question a couple of the arguments put forward here. There is a PTT switch – button 1 on the front of the left “horn” of the yoke is normally used for that as it is where most real aircraft PTT switches are. As for the levers, you can pull the tops off and move them around as much as you like.

    On the other hand, “It’s time to finally retire that indestructible co-pilot now”? The reason I replaced mine was because while the plastic shaft has been warped and “sticky” for years, only functioning because of silicon lubricant, it got so warped in the end that no amount of assitance would stop it jamming constantly.

    The picture is small so it’s hard to tell, but that shaft still looks plastic, not metal, to me. That means the far from uncommon warping problem will persist with this new one too.

  4. I was hoping too for something more real and better in qaulity when I heard about a new version… Unfortunately the Saitek with its centering is not my taste either to I have the old CH yoke use the levers on top for spoilers, gear and flaps ad have the Saitek throttle (the CH throttle is just surprisingly bad) next to it which gives me much higher resolution and a better position. Check it out Dillon.

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