McPhat Studios UHDT Products Announced

Terence Klaverweide of McPhat Studios announces “……. that they are working on a new line of exciting and amazingly detailed aircraft textures for FSX. Using the latest High- and Ultra High Definition Textures (HDT & UHDT) they are producing a level of detail never seen before on a commercial jet in Flight Simulator history. This new technique doubles and sometimes even quadruples the amount of detail and depth of aircraft textures…..”.Terence writes “…… Currently we are working on a selection of kits that include the PMDG 747, Coolsky Super80 Pro, Level-D 767, Captain Sim 757 and of course the Wilco E-Jet series, that will bring alive the ambiance, colour and detail of these already great products. Freeware models will follow shortly after…..”.

Here’s a link to screenshots and more information.

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