SP1 For DA Fokker 100 Released

Flight One Software, in partnership with Digital Aviation, would like to announce the official release of Service Pack 1 for the Fokker 70/100 Simulation product. The Fokker 70/100 Simulation is an advanced systems simulation of the Fokker 70 and 100 jet airliners. This service pack addresses many items (see below):….”.“….. Issues addressed:
– Virtual F/O raises gear at least at 30ft AGL and >500fpm minimum.
– Bug in FMC displayed apporach speed and Vma display in PFD for F70 fixed.
– Approach speed display in APPR Page fixed.
– FS Flightplan load should find now the MS default flightplan path for FS9 and FSX for all language versions.
– Some CDU bug fixes.
– MAINT4 page added.
– Intercon Server should work now for Windows Vista users too.
– TCAS bug fixes.
– Transponder can be switched to a IAS independent Mode C mode.
– Multiple APU status indications removed.
– Autobrake behavior enhanced.
– Baro can handle inHg now.
– FMC can handle lbs now.
– ISDU crash on system selection fixed.
– Keyboard support for flight controls.
– Single DME tuning fixed.
– Some small graphical corrections in 2D Panel.
– External model engine cones fixed.
– FDX enhanced in flare and ruder affectivity.
– Additional minor corrections.
– includes all corrections from previous updates and patches.

More info on the product page……”.

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  1. I need the version of fokker 100 and airbus A320 of the Mexicana de Aviacion for my simulator

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