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It was pointed out by readers that the New Zealand based Alphasim has taken its forum off-line. There are no further indications as to why, but speculations run high in the (military) flightsim communities on various forums. Their ‘Coppermine’ based photo gallery is also off-line. Aphasim has had its share of forum ‘discussions’, from both sides, and recently published a first product through Flight1. Their website is still on-line.
Update: it is now confirmed that indeed Alphasim has given up on supporting its users via their forums and they are closed now.

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  1. Hi chaps,

    Speculations aside- the forums and gallery are down due to technical reasons involving the database they were both powered by.

    The Gallery will be online soon but the forums currently have no ETA.


  2. I think the latest announcement on the front page puts it past speculation, Dan. To quote :

    “Due to technical problems, both the forum and gallery are no longer accessible. The gallery will be re-instated as soon as practical, however after much consideration, we have decided not to re-instate the forum. We are confident that a leaner AlphaSim is the way forward and this increased efficiency will result in more and better models and scenery in the coming years.”

  3. “it is now confirmed that indeed Alphasim has given up on supporting its users”. What? A slow news day François? Report the news, don’t create it. I’m sure Miguel didn’t ask you to turn these news spots into an “as I see it” column. At least that wasn’t suggested when he invited me to write for him. You have your own website for that. It seriously undermines the credibility of everything else posted here when you start doing that.

  4. Actually, Frank, the news is already out there. It’s already being discussed and, as Dan said, Phil has made a statement. It doesn’t seem to have quelled the theories or discussions – if anything, it has increased them.

    When enough people contact a site to say “have you seen that…” it becomes a news item. They obviously think it’s newsworthy, even if Alphasim don’t.

  5. Frank,

    Read the ENTIRE statement – which includes “Alphasim has given up on supporting its users via their forums”. “VIA THEIR FORUMS”…..entirely true, no speculation or interpretation required!

    The reason for that decision is of course what causes the speculation, and Alphasim obviously can’t/won’t disclose that business decision.

    Too bad, really, since the forums were an outstanding Alphasim feature.

    Gene K

  6. i think it is a good decision, reading many forums, usually they are the favourite places for bla bla bla people and people talk badly about others, developers and more….the closed alphasim forum is another proof it’s better stay aways from “some” people….occasionaly there are good people but often old blatering people only. i am sure many will discuss on this but as someone says…Everyone who is incapable of learning has taken to teaching.. i know at least ten people talking on all flightsim forums that show they are all professional all perfects, very satisfied of themselves and always ready to accuse others if they think are not making something good, some of them have partecipation on flightsim websites too. I like newbie post, they still conserve humility and it is nice help them and do not live 12 hours at day on forums. On Forums, Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong.

  7. Try sending an email to “alphasim [at] alphasim1 [dot] co [dot] uk”, the published email address for Alphasim support issues. It will come back as undeliverable. (And yes, I did put it in the accepted format of “”)

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