Farming Simulator Released

In the category ‘weird simulators’ we present you today the ‘Farming Simulator 2008’ on simMarket. “…..In “Farming Simulator” you are a farmer and experience the versatile everyday life. Take a seat beyond the steering wheel of the different detailed agricultural engines and carry out your work on the fields. You’ve got to plow your fields, sow the seeds, to reap and remove your harvest to store it in the silo or deliver it to the next harbour…..”. Available on simMarket in English or German.
“…… The life of a farmer is hard, and so the player has to steer his heavy vehicles around the clock to earn the staff of life. As in real life the weather isn’t always on your side, and rain and hail give you a hard time.

Beside different tasks, that have to be mastered, you also have the possibility to move absolutely free within the huge landscape.


* day and night change
* weather change
* free game
* lots of different tasks
* download of further vehicles by internet
* large carpool with very detailed vehicles…..”.

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  1. Sorry but who cares?! This is a FLIGHT simulation webpage here. Announcing such a ‘thing’ on SimFlight makes it look as if Simmarket just wants to make some extra money, very cheap…


  2. Correct! apparently we have a problem here: we have one main editor that posts all the ‘ready made’ news and hardly has time to research for the real news!

    and we have quite a few other editors that simply never ever or hardly post anything!

    so far we are f….d !

    but instead of just reading complains i would like to see one reader stand up and volunteer to make it better! has not happened yet in the many years we do simflight.COM… in the contrary to most others regional simFlight sites.

    anyone? is the address to write to!

  3. Personally I think it is interesting to look over the rim of the plate sometimes. After all, it is only a peek. And of course, this page is also a front page for simMarket and simMarket doesn’t just sell flight simulation stuff.

    Or do train sims etc. not belong in simMarket? Just take a look what IS available there:

    OK, it does say “Flight Simulation News” at the top of the page. You’ve got me there.

  4. I see “Ports of Call” of Ship Simulator in the simMarket ad over there… ->

    My take on this, I’m afraid, is that there’s no “flight” in the word “simMarket” – which is what pays for simFlight. As Chris says, why not peer over the edge of our little world and see what else is out there right now?

    In fact, didn’t I see a bus sim on simMarket somewhere, as well? I don’t remember seeing Euro Truck Simulator. Maybe that’s next. 😉

    Ian P.

  5. Which is why I hardly read it any longer and am still a proponent of closing this function down. We have the forums for comments and open, civilized discussions.

  6. Alright guys I apologise for my harsh comment.
    Providing information about other simulation products is not necessarily bad IF the product really does simulate something. But lets be honest here this farming simulator is that kind of a product you look at for five minutes and then put it away and never use again. Just that kind of software the world does not need… If you want to experience farming go to the next farmer in town and ask him if you can be of any assistance. You’ll have the REAL farm life, meaning hard work, at no cost. You could even save the money used for the gym…

    If the software advertised actually DOES simulate something, like trains or underground, by all means post it and I’ll read it.

    This of course is my personal opinion and I really hope one is allowed to post about things you don’t like even if you are not working for SimFlight. Thanks for the joining invitation but I do have my hands full working for the PC based flightsim world already.


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