PMDG’s MD-11 Out Now

PMDG have finally released their MD-11 airliner. It comes as FSX-only for Euro 59,99 (some $80) and as Combo for both FSX/FS2004 for nearly 90 Euros ($120). On their web site you can read “…… PMDG continues our lineage of fine airliner simulations with another popular heavy airliner, the PMDG MD-11! Born out of airline requirements for a “modern new DC-10″ the MD-11 is a superb example of aircraft engineering from the era when modern computer processing power was beginning to bring truly new ideas, safety and capability to the cockpit of transport airplanes…….”.

“….. Highly automated and employing innovative new approaches to the pilot/airplane interface, the MD-11 took the McDonnell Douglas widebody line into the future with fully automated flight modes, aircraft system status pages, failure consequence displays and clearly thought out pilot controls. One of the most advanced airplanes ever produced by Douglas, the MD-11 has been largely missing from desktop simulation… Until Now!…..”.

More information can be found here.

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Michael Fonseca
Wednesday, October 22, 2008 22:01

All I have to say is:

This product is worth every cent of its price.
Once you use it, you’ll never go back to your prefered plane anymore.
The MD11 will become your favourite airliner.

Much better even than the PMDG74X or 737NGX.
This product is awesome.

I’ve had the chance to fly it on FSX, and can’t wait for the FS9 ver. to be released to
purchase it by paying 89 EUROS. IT’S WORTH THEM TOO!!

Colin Ware
Thursday, October 16, 2008 23:18

I had to jump in on the systems comment earlier – the MD 11 has a significantly more complex set of systems than the Level D. The real plane is significantly more automatic than the B767 and the number of screens available on the Multi Funcation Display is exponentially greater than the on the Level D bird. There is a lot of coding going on to make the systems do what they are supposed to to in all the various flight and failure situations. I saw the demo at the Seattle AVSIM conference and have been following some of the… Read more »

Gert W
Thursday, October 16, 2008 07:34

Although I didn’t buy it yet, I certainly will. Their previous products, FS9/FSX B744, and FS8/FS9 B737NG, have given me countless hours* of fun. Literally hundreds of hours. For me, although it’s certainly a steep price, still makes it worth it.

…but most people here seem more interested in general aviation, so I totally understand that they wouldn’t want to buy it.

*If I hadn’t forgotten to use some electronic logbook they would not have been countless 😉

Wednesday, October 15, 2008 21:42

Ian, My comment about the band wagon was for the lack of anyone hoping in my ring and pointing out the dramatic jump in production cost. I’m not comparing the MD-11 to freeware, though I am comparing it to other payware. However, since freeware was brought up the prime candidate that I could think of in terms of being on an equal level, if not better, to PMDG’s visual model and FDE would be POSKY. I think POSKY creates an amazing and accurate visual model that surpasses some, if not most payware products out there. Which leaves systems and panel,… Read more »

Wednesday, October 15, 2008 16:24

I don’t think you’ll find any bandwagon jumping here, Mark – just differing points of view. There are plenty of answers around the net for why products now cost so much more than they did for previous versions of FS and it all boils down to one thing – they’re massively more complex than they were (including the LDS B767, which is now a long way behind cutting edge design). That means that they require a lot more time and personnel to produce than they did, which increases costs, which increases the price. A related comparison I’ve seen on another… Read more »