ECS GF9300T Motherboard Reviewed

We simmers need graphics cards of course, the better they are, the better our sim experience. But these cards need a home too: motherboards! Guru3D is publishing information on those too. “….. A test on the ECS GF9300T-A motherboard. Today NVIDIA is introducing their more budget conscious mainboard chipsets. The GF9300 and GF9400 based integrated graphics chipset motherboard products….”.

“….. We’ll see integrated IGPs more and more in the years to come, and mark my words… we feel that this trend is becoming normalized in the mainstream market. We peek at a GF9300 mainboard, the model tested comes from the fine folks at ECS, and as always… they were quick enough to send us their “Black Edition” model, a product series that is doing so very well in the EU and USA thanks to it’s nice design and additional features. Have a peek, let it sink in that you are looking at a product costing roughly 99-109 USD……”.
Check out this full Guru3D review here.

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