simMarket’s New Looks !

From Miguel Blaufuks, the owner and boss of simMarket and simFlight: “…….. Today we said goodbye to our trusty orange-brownish colored layout and have put online a fresh new look onto simMarket!

simMarket reaffirms it’s leadership in the field as the biggest dedicated flight simulation online store since 1997. The largest offerings combined with the largest customer base and an entire network of online communities, The simFlight Network, ensure that publishers, developers and customers trust and enjoy our services and now they have reason to do so even more!….”.

“……… Customers will like the vast payment options offered raging from credit cards, paypal and bank transfers to dedicated regional solutions like direct debit transfers in Germany and Austria (more coming soon). Our fast and reliable Support Ticket system is always available for resolving questions and doubts.

Developers and Publishers know that most sales are achieved on simMarket, where their products are not only put on sale in a fast and efficient way but are also now displayed on the front page more often. We have created a new front-page system that allows to show ALL products cataloged, no product will ever be forgotten!

Also our single product pages were enhanced in many ways!

The shop has been newly translated into the five most significant world-languages thus offering access to regional customer bases.
Our new Search Engine Friendly URL’s ensure the visibility of product pages throughout search engines and facilitate the setting of unique links back to specific product pages, try it out!

There are still so many more ideas to be added that we will be continuing to do so over the coming weeks, our technical staff is hot and willing to bring more new stuff as we go!

Enjoy the new simMarket, your number one source for flight simulation hard- and software! …..”.

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  1. The comments are a useful function that let us users interact with simflight and I don’t think they should be deleted. As far as I can see they weren’t really offensive.

    Anyway, go on with the good work keep us up-to-date. 🙂

  2. Great change much cleaner and easy to find products.
    As ~Robert C. Gallagher said, “Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine”.

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