SSM2007 Releases Service Pack 2.20

SSM2007 Space Shuttle Simulator
SSM2007 Space Shuttle Simulator

From the makers of Space Shuttle Mission 2007 we hear that they have “…… published a new Service Pack which includes: a new mission — STS-98, new SPEC 96 GPC SM mode for RMS LIM management, Virtual Cockpit enhancements, performance tuning and djustments across all missions….”.
“…… STS-98 started with the liftoff of the Space Shuttle Atlantis on Feb 7th, 2001. The mission’s highlight was the delivery and installation of the USA Destiny Lab at the International Space Station. Mission Specialists Tom Jones and Robert Curbeam conducted three space walks during the mission totaling nearly 20 hours of Extra Vehicular Activity.

The Destiny lab is at the center of scientific exploration aboard the orbiting outpost, and sports a first for ISS: a special optical glass window through which the crew can look outside and take high quality pictures of Earth.

STS-98 concluded with an uneventful Atlantis landing at Edwards AFB on February 20th, 2001.

In the best SSM2007 tradition, the budding astronauts will experience first-hand the historical liftoff, On-Orbit ops including the Destiny lab deployment and installation, Extra Vehicular Activities, Deorbit, Reentry and manually Landing the Shuttle at the Edwards AFB…..”.

More info on their website.

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