Aerosoft’s Bushhawk Video

Aerosoft have just released Valkyrie321’s promotional video of the Bushhawk. This newly released airplane is the perfect ride for all you bush-pilots out there, packed full of atmosphere (the smell of the fish crates in the back can be a bit overpowering), this rugged little plane will get you in and out of your favourite bush locations, whether ice, water, asphalt or a gravel bank on a river in British Columbia. This plane is also available on simMarket. Please click “Read Full Story” to see the video.

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  1. Many thanks for featuring the video on the front page! I cannot thank you guys enough. You have done a wonderful service for myself and my company. Cheers gentlemen!

  2. That looks like a quite remarkable attention to detail. When I saw the cup rolling around in the footwell I just couldn’t believe it !

    I usually fly around in helicopters, but I can see me buying this little beauty !

    Well done !

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