AlphaSim Published A T-34C Mentor For FSX

Phil from the New Zealand based AlphaSim writes “…… AlphaSim’s T-34C has been built as always to showcase both RealGauge technology and FSX visual effects, but in this case also to demonstrate the extent to which the cockpit systems of a light aircraft can be replicated in the sim…..”. “……. In fact, the model has been put together as a proposed training aid for the US Navy – Ensigns current on the type assisted with the development of the project, maximum realism is assured. One special feature is the ability to use the blind-flying hood for IFR training. AlphaSim’s VLE system (Visual Load Editor) is used to toggle pilots, wheel chocks, canopy and exhaust coverings and the blind-flying hood. The rear cockpit is modelled as fully as the front, so FSX users will be able to replicate true instructor-pilot on-line flying. SIX accurate, high-definition texture sets are supplied, all with custom specular maps as well as amazing bump-mapping of the rivets and other prominent features. We think this model sets a new benchmark in systems modelling for light aircraft, to the extent that it could conceivably benefit a real-world student pilot. This level of accuracy and innovation is now the standard we will provide with all future releases.

Screenshots on our home page …..”.

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