VFR London From Aerosoft

Aerosoft GmbH now delivers VFR London in a boxed version on simMarket. “….. Designed to enhance Microsoft Flight Simulator X, VFR London is a highly detailed 3D model of the city of London. Having been build using an aerial photographic template, it is an accurate and faithful representation of the London City area as it is today. Incl. London City Airport….”. See more and get it here at simMarket.

“….. If you want to bring that extra level of realism to your simulation experience, VFR London should, without doubt, be top of the list of FSX add-ons. This scenery will impress like no other before!

Sitting on a new, ultra-high-resolution (60cm) layer of aerial photographic scenery, VFR London is comprised of over 30,000 building objects and 50,000 ‘fill objects’ (trees, cranes, boats etc) – including everything from monumental landmarks and skyscrapers to individual homes. Covering over 120km2, every object greater than 27m3 has been modelled to within 3m of its actual footprint, and individually hand textured to accurately reflect the real building by day, and by night….”.

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  1. It states in the product description:

    FS VERSION: FSX SP1/2/Acceleration or FS2004

    I thought this product was for FSX only?


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