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Russell Davis of Aerostudios reports “….. ‘I Am An Air Traffic Controller 3 – Tokyo Big Wing’ has been a very successful product in Japan. I have been working for a few months with Technobrain converting the entire program to English. It is truly a work of programming art! I consider this the finest tower simulator on the market today. I believe in this product so much, that I have volunteered to be the sole source of support for the English speaking customer. For more information about this very special new simulator, visit this website….”.

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  1. Warning! The newly release software package (ATC3, I am an Air Traffic Controller 3 — Big Wing) from Aerostudios is not just another simmers delight! It is well beyond any simulation I have ever seen. As a 40 year, real life pilot with over 10,000 hours of flight experience I enjoy complexity, stress and a check-list kind of mentality that pilots come to appreciate whether or not there simmers or the real thing. Aerostudios has developed the English adaption of this Japanese software. No surprise there! The Japanese with their culture of zero replacement tolerance and absolute zeal for technological perfection has set a new standard. The English version is an incredible simulation of the real time world of the Air Traffic Controller. As an example, I received my software on a Friday afternoon and had successfully completed the “Normal” and “Expert” versions of scenario one (there are six of them) all within four hours (no breaks!). Each scenario becomes more difficult in terms of complexity and a very limited time to complete the scenario. A behavioral Psychologist would call this a kind of an advanced Skinner’s Box searching for the answers to the theory of “successive approximations”. Or, in layman’s terms, doing it until you get it right! Do not invest in this product unless you enjoy complexity, stress and a lot of fun. ATC3, I am an Air Traffic Controller 3 Big Wing is an incredible product. I send respects to all who were involved in its development.

    Dave Duhrkoop
    Troutdale, Oregon

  2. 16 feb 2009

    I am struggling to complete level 2!
    this product is simply superb!
    I am only sorry that I wasted money on Wilco’s
    poorly implemented “tower” program –
    there is no comparison.
    Wilco should remove their highly flawed and substandard product from
    sale until and unless it can at least approach the quality of this amazing simulation. ATC3is a tribute to the Japanese quality matters culture.

  3. I’m stuck on stage 3, 12 minutes in and it all goes tits, I find there’s tooooooo many planes that needs simple orders,

    If only plane orders could be stacked,


    Red 1885, ready, 16R, north, taxi route 5,
    Then the plane follows the commands,

    Instead, each step has to be done separately, tying up the radio network,

    I find without stacking orders all my planes become delayed, and the stress levels go through the roof,

    Good game, but I have failed stage 3 now 45 times; it’s no longer fun any more, just stressful,

    Shame no one has done some kind of help guide or a set of tips for us game users, and not simulator users,

    great simulator, but definitely not a game, like some are saying it is, it is not a game, the realism factor is way to high for this software to be regarded as a game,

    Shame there isn’t an interactive tutorial that helps guide us gamers through the intermediate levels.

    Also the airport review section has very bad English translation, the context and grammar is all wrong,

    I also recommend users to up the resolution to a lot higher than 1024×768; the plane slot window is way too small on this resolution,

    Hat off though too a great simulator, clearly when the creator of tower simulator got wind that this version was coming out in English, they quickly rushed there version out the door,

    I wished I could find an objective review from an actual ATC who has tried this simulator, because I would of thought order stacking would be essential, holding the pilots hands though every step from terminal to runway would be unfeasible,

  4. Wonderfull game, I am myself a pilot (MD87) and I can tell, this is not a game !! but i have to say that I’m stuck on stage 2, I’ve done it at least 50 times and can’t get over 27000 point, can somebody helps me a little bit to get other it, what am I doing wrong 🙁


  5. My advise would be to arrange the flight strips in the beginning of the game. All arrivals on top (Yellow strips) and the rest of the ground movement (Green Strips) below. The more traffic you handle within that one hour will be more points, so try and effectively speak to every aircraft that contacts you. Know which aircraft is calling you on which frequency and always remember to hand-off aircraft. As the aircraft land and depart arrange your strips to illustrate to yourself which are ground movements and which aircraft are airborne. Always have a picture in your mind of whats happening in the aerodrome. Aircraft on the Eastern terminals will take-off RWY16L (mostly blue aircraft and some green), aircraft on the Western side of the terminals (red aircraft) will take off RWY16R. I am an Air Traffic Controller in South Africa and I must say this simulator is brilliant,l especially when compared to other simulators. I give it a 10 out of 10. All that i’m waiting for now is other available airports besides Tokyo.

  6. Thanks for the advices, I’m at stage 5 now, by the way, what is behin stage 6??


  7. This ATC simulation is really great! It’s 1000x better than Tower Simulator from Wilco.
    I have a problem, I can’t finish level 2, because there is small time to complete level. I’m always ending with score 28 000 and you need to have 32 000! 🙂

  8. I enjoyed atc now i have move on to ATC 3
    When will see more airports added to ATC 3 i have well and truely completed. all missions and going back over them again again to see if i can better the scores i have.

    Question is will we see more Airports and what time period??


  9. there are expansions but they are all in Japonese. They still have the same layout though. I find it’s a shame that the copyright thing prevented them from putting ANA and other airlines in the English version as they did with the Japenese.

    All in all Very good Sim/game. I find it highly addictive. 9.8 / 10

  10. Great simulation, but the only thing that annoys me, is that in real life the controller doesnt tell a taxying plane to HOLD and not run up the backside of the taxying plane in front of him. Also agree with another comment about the lengthy delays in being able to issue commands when radio traffic is high, although understand this is meant to simulate real life.

  11. Faiz Seitz, you seem to be good with this… 😉

    Do you have any other tips? I am stuck at Stage 5!! I will try your advices here and see. Also : where do you land planes, any advice/tips/rule on that?

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