Apollo Lunar Rover FS2004 Released

Misho Katulic, the author of TerraBuilder, is “……. pleased to announce the release of its Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle add-on for TerraBuilder:Moon. Apollo LRV represents to date the most detailed and authentic software-based simulator of the first and only vehicle humans drove on another world. Built from the original NASA blueprints and accurate to the last rivet, this rover has been developed with the help and advice from the member of the original NASA LRV team…..”.“….. The driving model has been fine tuned to the exact NASA specifications, and is as accurate as possible within the confines of the FS2004 engine. With realistic animated suspension linkage, 4-wheel steering, interactive and animated rover components, incredible dust, pebble and tracks effects, and authentic control panel with working, 3D switches and controls, this rover offers the perspective that only a select club of 6 men experienced during the Apollo era. Unique to the rover is a Thermal Control model – the rover components actually heat up, and can be cooled down by opening the battery covers.

A 4-minute long Apollo LRV video is available here. You can also download the LRV manual here.

This vehicle is FREE for registered TerraBuilder:Moon users, and is available from TerraBuilder web site, or as a direct download, here.

Strap in and get ready for the ride out of this world – and as close to the Apollo astronaut’s point of view as possible!…..”.

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